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Updated 7:59 PM EST Dec 10, 2019

PELAHATCHIE — Mississippi has its first $100,000 lottery winner.

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Jimmy Keene of Pelahatchie was on his way to work when he stopped at the U.S. 51 Chevron in Ridgeland, according to the Mississippi Lottery Corp.

Keene said he purchased a $5 ticket for the $100,000 Jackpot scratch-off game. He scratched off the ticket and couldn't believe he won.

When he got to work, he asked his boss to make sure he was seeing the amount correctly. His boss told him to immediately return to the store. The store associate told him to head to the lottery office.

Jimmy then called wife Becky to tell her the news.

“’What’s the matter with you?’ I asked him, because he was breathless,” Becky said laughing. “He told me he won $100,000, and I told him to quit lying to me!”

The two screamed and embraced after receiving their check, according to the lottery officials.

Also, there was a $20,000 winner.

A Greenwood woman stopped at Double Quick #21 in Greenwood over the weekend to grab an energy drink on her way to work. While there, she also purchased the Triple 7s scratch-off game and won $20,000. She chose to remain anonymous.

Carolyn Cleveland of Hickory stopped at Cefco #506 in Newton. She purchased the Happy Holidays, Y’all scratch-off game and won $2,000.

Mississippi's lottery kicked off Nov. 25 with scratch-off lottery tickets. Power Ball and Mega Millions ticket sales will begin Jan. 30.

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Mississippi's lottery allows winners to remain anonymous if they choose.

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Some 1,200 approved retailers, located in 80 of 82 counties, were allowed to begin selling scratch-off tickets.

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For the next decade, up to $80 million a year from lottery proceeds will help fund state roads and bridges or to match federal infrastructure money. Any revenue above $80 million would go to public education, the Education Enhancement Fund.

After decades of debate, lawmakers in a summer special session last year approved a state lottery. It's expected to net the state about $40 million the first year, then $80 million to $100 million a year thereafter.

Retailers keep 6 percent of lottery ticket sales.

First week of lottery: $8.9M in sales.

First day lottery ticket sales: More than $2.5M in first 24 hours.

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Updated 7:59 PM EST Dec 10, 2019