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GarageBand for PC Download Windows 10 Free Filed Under: Garageband PC If you are searching to download one of the most remarkable sound mixing applications, then GarageBand will be. You can't download GarageBand for Windows, But you can install MacOS on Windows. As I mentioned before, GarageBand is available only for Mac and iOS. So, by installing macOS on Windows, you can easily get GarageBand on PC. The Windows model is that they will build a platform and let pretty much anyone tack on and add on software to modify it as they see fit. Therefore, you can imagine that Windows is ok with letting Garageband run on it’s system, but unfortunately Apple is keen to limit who can use the app.

GarageBand for Windows: GarageBand is a unique sound mixing app developed by Apple. It is an app which gives you the ability to create and edit music. GarageBand users with the use of Xmodgames don’t have to pay for anything, it’s free of cost. It is the easiest tool to create good music on your Mac PC. Many music enthusiasts and professionals use this app for recording sound tracks and mixing music. Today we will be discussing how we can easily download GarageBand for PC later on, but for now let’s dig more into this app.

It has many fascinating features that none of the other apps can give to its users. Imagine you can compose your own music without paying for it. It has never been so easy to compose music like a pro & you can even share it worldwide.

With the features it has, we don’t need the reason to find why GarageBand is currently one of the most popular apps in the world especially in the music arena. It is so easy to use that even a novice Smartphone user can fill his/her thrust with this application for free.

We can say that GarageBand for PC is like a mobile audio studio which lets you compose sounds, songs and record your voice too. We think the idea of allowing the users to create their own music is very interesting. If you have any interest in music then it is the software which I recommend for you to start with.

Since, GarageBand is developed by Apple; it is officially made for only Mac computers or iOS devices i.e. only for Apple products. However, there are some software companies who have made it possible to use GarageBand for Windows also. In this post you will get to know about how to download GarageBand for windows (10/7/8/8.1) and Mac.

What you will learn from this post:

  • Features of GarageBand.
  • How to download Garage Band for Windows 7/8.1 or 10?
  • Steps to download & install GarageBand for Mac computers
  • Download GarageBand using Rare Software
  • Alternatives of GarageBand

GarageBand Features

GarageBand for PC is an exceptional application for the users to create and edit music on their own. It has many exciting features which make GarageBand a great tool for mixing music. With all these features listed below, it makes the app a user-friendly one for sound mixing and creating music.

Here are some of the fascinating features of GarageBand:

  • The main purpose for GarageBand is to let the users create their own songs and music.
  • It comes with a feature of virtual keyboard & external keyboard can also be used by using USB.
  • The best feature about garage band is that it provides a guide on how to edit or create music.
  • It has an audio recording feature too through which users can record their own voice & use it in composing their music.
  • You can create music within a short span of time.
  • There are various audio filters available for the users.
  • Being an Apple product, it have good user interface.
  • GarageBand comes with preset sounds of violin, voice, guitar, orchestra, keyboard and many more.
  • This app is free to use.

This amazing app is very helpful for the music industry and music enthusiasts. With the help of GarageBand you can easily shape any sound with the custom knobs and sliders in the app. The users can record and mix music just like true professionals. GarageBand is a great invention and a wonderful gift to the music lovers.

GarageBand for Windows 7/8.1/10

GarageBand is officially not available for Windows. It’s only available for Apple devices i.e. Mac, but luckily with the help of the software named as Bluestacks; it is possible for the Windows users to download GarageBand for their laptops or PCs. By using Bluestacks (Android emulator) you can easily get GarageBand for PC in just few minutes.

Here are the steps to download GarageBand for Windows:

  1. Firstly, you will have to download Bluestacks in your Windows PC (Get it from HERE).
  2. After the download is complete, install the software by following the setup instructions.
  3. Once the software is installed successfully, you have to open it. It will look like an Android interface like any other Smartphone.
  4. After that you have to search for the GarageBand in the Google play store.
  5. Once, you have found the app. Just click on the install button & your installation will start.

How does garageband work on ipad. These are the simple steps to download GarageBand for your Windows PC by using Bluestacks software. The above steps to download and install would take about 10-12 minutes of your time.

If the above process is completed without any problem or interruption, then you are all set to use GarageBand on your Windows Pc. After the installation you can create your own music on GarageBand for free.

Note: You can also use any other android emulator like Andy for downloading GarageBand on your Windows Pc.

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Steps to download & install to GarageBand for Mac Computer or PC

It is very easy to download GarageBand on your Mac OS because it was officially made for Mac users. Therefore, Mac users can very easily download and use it on their Mac.

Then here are the steps to follow to install GarageBand app on your Mac computer.

  1. To download this application, you will have to open the website of iTunes and search for the GarageBand application for your Mac Pc.
  2. Once you have found the application, you just have to download and install it in your Mac computer.

Once the installation is successful, you can enjoy the remarkable feature of this app.

Download GarageBand for PC using Rare Software

You can download GarageBand in your windows computers or laptops using the popular software named as Rare Software. Rare software is a firm which gives users the privilege to download GarageBand app for Windows Pc. To download GarageBand one has to simply visit the site of Rare Software. After that you just have to visit the link they will provide you for this awesome app and open the downloader to install the GarageBand app for your Windows PC. Rare Software allows downloading GarageBand app for free.

Update: 16 December, 2015

Innovation has no end. And in same direction, the companies have come up with a superb app called as Stagelight. It is an exclusive app through which you can easily become a music maker from a music lover in no time. Its user interface is superb easy and the app comes with some free features as well, so you can start using it right away. As you progress in your journey of touchscreen music making, you can slowly unlock features and become a pro. This app will surely be giving Garageband for both PC (Windows 7 8 10) and Mac a touch competition in coming time.

Update: 20 December, 2016

Some users were finding problems learning & using Garageband on iPad. This is how you can go about learning the basics. When you will open the Garageband for PC app on your iPad, you will find a Question mark button on the top right corner of the app. Just click on it, and with every step, it will show you how to use the different tools and options of the app while using it. You can also seek online web help for using it here -> If you still find any problems using it on your iPad, Windows or PC just let us know by contacting us.

Update: 10 March 2016

Garageband stable on ipad 3. GarageBand for iPad. GarageBand for iPhone. Logic Remote for GarageBand. Featured topics. Use Drummer Loops in GarageBand for Mac. Quickly add drums to your song using Drummer Loops, a type of Apple Loop that you can customize to fit your song. Learn how to use Drummer Loops in GarageBand. Jul 31, 2017  Clearly the previous version of GarageBand was working just fine on the device and I would at least like to have that if at all possible. Is there any way I can still purchase it and install the previous version? Unfortunately the iPad 3 only goes up to iOS 9 or I. Your music deserves to be heard — everywhere. With GarageBand, you can easily share your tracks via email or directly to Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud. 3 You can even wirelessly share with someone near you using AirDrop. Or save them as custom ringtones so whenever somebody calls, your song rocks. Mar 24, 2012  HowToCinemas video on GarageBand for the iPad 3! Please like the video! Aug 11, 2017  Garageband on Ipad 3. I'm desperate to get this app, but I have an Ipad 3 on IOS 9, the app needs IOS 10. Is there any way around this? I hate it that i bought Garageband for my iPad 3 and can't use it anymore. A bit of a dick move from Apple. Original Poster 3 points 2 years ago.

GarageBand for PC/ Windows is now being used in schools in St. Louis County to promote art education. Students are encouraged to make their own music using the app. They can record their own voices or organize instruments, and then employ their skills and understanding to formulate their own art pieces. The course is beig lauded. The plan saves children from anxiety of performing in front of the class. It also nurtures creativity without limitations, since the teacher does not give them a piece to perform but lets the students choose and arrange their music for themselves.

Alternatives of GarageBand

There are many other alternatives for Garage Band for PC. This app is not available for Windows PCs due to which it lacks some features. The alternatives for GarageBand are StageLight and MixCraft. These two apps are very popular and free for Windows users. MixCraft & StageLight allows users to edit sound and create music.

Now, you can enjoy GarageBand even on your Windows (Xp/7/8). If you have any issues regarding the download & installation of GarageBand app for PC Windows & Mac computer, then you can contact us by commenting on this post. Please try and tell us the exact issues and we will try to solve it asap.

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GarageBand for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac Computers (Updated)

Garageband for Windows 10 – Download Garageband for PC to compose music from Windows computer. We have shared working guide to download Garageband for Windows 10.

Over the years the music stream has come so far. They are starting from the need of the whole band for composing one simple beat to a click of the mouse to compose the entire tune. At present, most of the musician, DJ’s and other artists mostly depend on the software like GarageBand for Windows 10 to create the best music.

There are many apps present in the market to create outstanding music, and out of them, the most popular app is GarageBand apk. This app officially made for the iOS device user like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. Once you get it on your pc, you will be pleased with the experience of the app.

Due to its excellent features, many windows user also want to download GarageBand for Windows pc. But the main concern is this app is not available for Windows users. So how to get GarageBand for PC is the question, and you will find the precise answer in this article.

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About GarageBand for Windows

Table of Contents

Being a windows user, you will be pleased to find that GarageBand can run on your pc too irrespective of the version of windows. With this software, you can record music, and create beats infusion with various live loops and instruments.


GarageBand is helpful and easy to use even if you are a novice. This software is perfect for professional persons like podcasters, composers, online instructors, musicians, music developers, filmmaker and creator who wish to use real beat as music.

Features Of GarageBand for Windows 10:

GarageBand has some excellent features for its users, and all of them are given below:

  • One can use the pc version of GarageBand to compose music as a composer. Even you can add instruments in the music like hoops, drums, violins, etc.
  • The mixture of the instrument with beat gives you natural sound and live effects. One can track multiple tracks at the same time, and if you do this without software, then you have to pay lots of money.
  • With this software, you can create the ringtone of your favorite songs that you listen all the time.
  • With this software, you can generate music by editing files that show your taste in music and can please others. It also can edit the files that recorded in classrooms or business meetings.
  • With GarageBand, you can also make your voice-overs and podcast.
  • GarageBand is stand out in the row of most music making software, and the reason behind it is it helps you to tune the instruments to reach that crystal clear and crisp in the note. It can be done with the inbuilt tuner that makes sure all devices are in tune at the time of the beat making process.
  • All the beginners who want to learn how to play various instruments like drum, piano, the guitar can try their hands on this software as it provides you introductory lessons as per class and category. And to access it, you do not have to pay anything.
  • It also works as a sketchpad to jot down the tunes during the creative sessions. You can play and record any instrument at the same time in the GarageBand.
  • You can use the built-in effects like amps and stompbox when you do not want to disturb others, as it can allow you to play the music with your headphones. And you can cut down the excess noise from the gate feature.
  • GarageBand for Windows 10 is a home studio as it has many inbuilt instruments to supports the music.
    You can share the created music on social media platforms.

How To Download GarageBand For PC?

Downloading process of Garageband for PC is easy, and it does not require any high technical skills. Get the GarageBand on your windows pc; there are two main methods which are given here.

Method #1: Using An Emulator

Emulators are a great way to use the apps that are made for specific platforms only. Like the GarageBand is only for the iOS users and to use it on a Windows device, we can use the emulator.

To use the emulator, you need free space in the hard disk, 2 GB RAM and processor i3 or above.

Step #1: Download the Bluestacks Emulator

Step #2: After completion of the download, install the software.

Step #3: Launch the app and go to the search bar and type GarageBand in it.

Step #4: Click on the app, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process of GarageBand.

Step #5: Depending on the speed of the internet, the app installation process time may vary so wait until the process completes. Be patient!

Garageband For Pc

Step #6: Now, you can use the GarageBand on your pc for free.

Method #2: Download Using Rare software

Step #1: Go to the Rare software website and find the GarageBand software which is compatible with windows. To identify the app check the green button.

Step #2: The software will ask you to choose the location to save the file. Choose the space which has enough space that is at least 1GB or more than this.

Step #3: Save the software and let the process to complete. Keep in mind that you have fast internet to complete the process.

Step #4: On completion of the download, you will be notified.

Step #5: Open the folder where the downloaded file saved. Double click on it and start the installation process. Wait till the installation process completes.

Step #6: Once the installation process completes, you can see the shortcut on the home screen.

Step #7: Tap on it and open the app, check the features of the GarageBand.

Once the software is ready to use, you can record, mix and edit the audio and music file. You can create tracks, live broadcasts, and full-length music. The instruments also give you the feel of the instrument and high-quality effects of music.


It is all about download GarageBand for PC. This tool is one of the best music production software for Windows PC. Today all professional and artist use this tool. Now use it and enjoy it on your pc! If you have any question about the post then let us know in the comment box.

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