Como Instalar O Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere 2 is the next version of Omnisphere. When installed, the Omnisphere 2 Upgrade contents (20GB) merge with the existing Omnisphere 1 library and become one product, replacing Omnisphere 1 as a plug-in. When opening older projects which use sounds from Omnisphere 1. Keyscape installer for Omnisphere 2. Hello, I have Omnisphere up and working in pro tools 10, but what I only have for keyscape is a 'Keyscape' folder with it's own 'STEAM' folder inside. How do I Install keyscape in Omnisphere? Do I need an installer? Do I Merge the 'STEAM' folder of Keyscape with the one from Omnisphere? The Ultimate Mixing Assistant Have you ever wondered why your music, your videos, showreels and movies do not sound well when you move out of your studio? You also need to Patch both Omnisphere.dll files in Program Data. All 4.Dll's need to be patched or Omnisphere will not work! (You also need to do it again when you UPDATE Omnisphere) When done, open your DAW (I used FL Studio) in Admin mode, Load an instance of Omnisphere 2, and it will give you a Challenge Code. OMNISPHERE 2.3.1 UPDATE & KEYSCAPE 1.0.1 are online with numerous fixes! Make sure you update the Soundsources in Omnisphere 2 - sometimes patches in my.

NOTE: This applies to both open source and commercial editions of Chocolatey.

1. Download the Chocolatey package Download

2. Put the Chocolatey package on your internal repository

Please see hosting packages internally and the organizational deployment guide.

3. Enter your internal repository url

(this should look similar to

Como instalar o omnisphere 2 download

4. Pick your deployment methods:

1. Save this installation script
2. Make script accessible by internal url

Put the script somewhere internally that can be accessed by a url (like a raw/binary repository in Nexus, Artifactory, or ProGet).

3. Install/Deploy Chocolatey internally

Now you can do similar to the individual side, but your command will be something like:

1. Follow the steps in the Generic tab, you will need to have finished getting a script ready and accessible over a url to complete this part.

2. Add the following to your playbook:

See docs at

Coming in 2020! Central Managment Reporting available now! More information..

The install of Chocolatey is separate from the Chef built-in resources. You will need the Chocolatey Cookbook.

Check back later for this!

Requires Otter Chocolatey Extension. See docs at

1. Follow the steps in the Generic tab, you will need to have finished getting a script ready and accessible over a url to complete this part.

2. Add the following to your DSC script:

Requires cChoco DSC Resource. See docs at

Requires Puppet Chocolatey Provider module. See docs at

Check back later for this!

See docs at

5. Ensure you are set up for organizational deployment

Please see the organizational deployment guide.

Apr 08, 2014  In this video we take you through how to load your third-party patches into Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1. For installing patches into Omnisphere 2, via the new '.Omnisphere installer' process. How to use this guide. If this is your first time with Omnisphere 2, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll help you navigate the plug-in, load the sample library, and show you how to work with the settings to create custom sounds. Follow the sections below to get started. Jan 23, 2016  If anyone else has the problem, you have to create a shortcut in the Spectrasonics folder on your main drive directing Omnisphere toward the STEAM folder on your external drive! Create a shortcut to the STEAM folder and move this shortcut to C:ProgramDataSpectrasonics. Jun 20, 2015  Welcome to ADSR Pro, Steinberg Cubase and Music Production Tutorials. In this tutorila video I show you how to load a user sample into the new Omnisphere 2 VSTi Synthersizer, Such a massive synth. Please ensure you place the PATCHES into this Patches folder and then go back to the 'Omnisphere' 'Settings Library' window to locate your 'Multis' folder. Then just create a new folder in here called 'The Unfinished' and drag&drop the additional MULTIS into this folder. This stage is not covered in the video. How to drag a file to omnisphere 2.


  • Use of the community repository directly, even to install Chocolatey is not recommended for organizational use - in fact rate limiting is in place to ensure the stability of the community package repository. Downloading/installing the Chocolatey package itself is rate limited to 5 times per minute, with a one hour lockout. Following these instructions will ensure you don't get yourself into trouble when you deploy.
  • There are methods to achieve similar to what you may have seen using the community repository personally. See the organizational deployment guide and community packages - how to avoid excessive use for more information.
  • Make sure you subscribe to chocolatey-announce to learn when new versions are available!


GETTING STARTED - Windows USB Drive Installation

Follow this set of instructions to install Omnisphere 2 from your USB installation drive on to your Windows system.

Note: You'll need over 64GB of free space available on your hard drive in order to install the instrument.

Omnisphere 2 Installation

Step 1: Connect the Omnisphere installation drive to a USB port. Open the drive 'Spectrasonics Omnisphere' and double-click the file 'Omnisphere 2 Installation.url.'

Step 2: Log in to your Spectrasonics user account and select the 'DOWNLOAD' button to download the current installers to your PC.

Step 3: From your Downloads folder, open the 'Omnisphere_2_Installation' folder, then open the 'Step 1 - Installer' folder.

Step 4: Open the Windows folder inside of 'Step 1 - Installer.' Double-click 'Omnisphere 2 Installer.exe' to begin the installation of Omnisphere 2.

Step 5: Follow the steps as you're guided through the installation process. Make sure to review the Installation Info and Licensing FAQs and accept the license agreement.

Step 6: At the “Select Components” step, you'll choose to install the 32bit and/or 64bit versions of Omnisphere. If you are uncertain which one to choose, select them both. The following steps will show you the default location for both versions of the VST.

Step 7: The default location of the large Omnisphere data files will be displayed next. If you wish to install the core library to a secondary drive, click the 'Browse' button to choose a different location.

Step 8: Once the installation paths have been confirmed, the installation will begin.

Step 9: After the installation is complete, select 'Finish.'

Como Instalar O Omnisphere 2 Download

Step 10: From your Downloads folder, re-open the 'Omnisphere_2_Installation' folder, then open the 'Step 2 - Data Updater' folder.

Step 11: Run the 'Omnisphere 2 Data Updater.exe.'

Step 12: Make certain that the Omnisphere 2 Data Updater selects the correct STEAM folder.

Como Instalar O Omnisphere 2 1

Step 13: When the update has been installed, select 'Finish.” Now it's time to open Omnisphere 2 in your host and authorize it.