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Upload an edit of this mapping Description and Instructions Here a map the you can use with the DNS-MC6000 as a stand alone midi controller for Serato Scratch Live as long as the person has a. DJMikeJames PRO Infinity Member since 2007 Hi Everyone. I have a Denon Mc6000 Mk2 and I currently use the default mapper that Virtual DJ 8 Infinity supply, since using it I have noticed that when I search for the first beat of the track I push the cue button but it does not save it, I have even tried using the skin cue button again it does not work, so it goes back to the beginning of the track. Apr 24, 2016  Hi, I can confirm now that the DN MC6000 mk2 works just fine with Traktor Pro. The Denon-supplied mapping works well, with only a few comments on my side so far: 1) Keylock buttons are mapped for the 'Keylock On (Preserve Pitch)' function, which. Oct 19, 2017  We show you some features of the Denon MCX8000 in UltraMixer DJ Software. We give you a small overview. UltraMixer Denon MCX8000 Mapping UltraMixer.

Denon Mc6000 Software

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  • Hi all,
    Hope you’re good. Just wondering if there are any other Denon MC4000 users out there? I’ve had mine since new (a month or so ago). I’ve hooked it up to my iPad using a powered USB hub & mapped it nicely to a lot of the functions in DJ Player Pro. So far, so good. In fact, a casual play here & there, everything is brilliant. Even the VU’s!

    However, I attempted my first proper mix session on it yesterday & had all sorts of random issues. It felt like the unit was sending mixed midi messages to the app. For example, I was blending between 2 tracks, moving the crossfader slowly across & nudging one track then suddenly both tracks would bounce back to cue 1 and play from there. Another time I had FX 1 engaged & decided to adjust the low EQ and suddenly the FX switched off by itself or engaged another FX.

    Real guitar ios app. I’ve done a little searching around & there seem to be a few folk using Serato with similar midi issues. I’ve logged it with Denon support, so fingers crossed.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this weird behaviour on their unit?

    Btw – iPad is in flight mode & no other apps running. MC 4000 shipped with latest firmware installed.

    I had the exact same experience with the 4000 on my MBP using both VDJ8 and Djay Pro. I loved this unit. It sounded great, worked great, felt great… It was going to be the last controller I ever bought. Originally, I had the first unit I bought (day one as soon as it was in stock) fixed under warranty. That made it worse by actually breaking something else, so I talked them into sending me a new unit. My gig at the time was a 4-hour gig and randomly during my next gig, same mixed midi issues as you describe. I dumped it on eBay and moved on. Shame.

    I’ve had mine for over a year and never had any issues that could be tied back to the controller. There was one instance where it didn’t want to play nice with the new drive I installed, so I just swapped it back to the old HDD until after the gig, but that’s the only problem I’ve had, *knocks on wood.*

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Denon Mc6000 Mapping Djay Pro 1

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