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Bring out your inner DJ with DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer, a free app that gives you the tools you need to mix music directly on the Android device of your choice.

This fun and useful app helps you use the existing music files on your device to create completely new pieces of music. This app has everything a budding disc jockey in the digital age could need to express him or herself through this particular art form. With DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer, you can utilize a number of options including equalizers, sound effects, and samples. These are just some of the options available, all of which are easily accessible and applied to the music.

As an added feature, DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer allows you to record your musical creations as you develop them. As long as you have activated the 'save' option, the new music file will automatically be stored in the memory of the device.

Download DJ Music Remix app for Android. Mix 10 sounds to 1 music.

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It should be noted that some users have reported experiencing distorted audio as well as lost recordings that apparently never saved. While these are obviously concerns for some, many other users rate this app extremely highly because of the excellent results they have been able to achieve. The majority of the people who download DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer seem to appreciate the app's ability to transform the user from your average everyday Joe to a digital musical superstar in training.


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  • Add effects and qualities to existing music files on Android devices.
  • App records new music as it is being created.
  • 'Save' option allows users to automatically save new musical creations to device's memory.


  • Audio can be distorted.
  • Some users have reported lost files.

The Android app Edjing DJ Turntable is a surprisingly light yet shockingly functional pocket DJ that will allow you to mix, match and mash all your favorite music by simply allowing the app to run on your Android mobile device.


Examining the Details of the Edjing DJ Turntable App for Android

For some reason, perhaps because of movies like Pitch Perfect, there is a full-blown DJ'ing craze sweeping through the world right now, and you can find a ton of apps for Android that will allow you to create your own custom music. One of the best on the market today is the Edjing DJ Turntable app, due to its intuitive interface, feature-rich set-up, and user-friendly style. All you really have to do to use this app is pull your phone or tablet out and get to work. As soon as you load the app, you will have a screen with split turntables. You load one song into one table, and another on the remaining, and then you can play around with the gadgets and controls until you create something you really like. With an EQ, scratchers, mixers, filters, distortion effects, a sync feature, and much more, you can create any style of music you want, and it will always be custom-tailored to your personal tastes.

If you're familiar enough with this program, you can even put the device down, set it to “AutoMix,” and the app itself will create something for you. You can then easily save and download your music, as well as downloading different skins to fully customize the app for your use.

Pros and Cons of Edjing DJ Turntable

Pros Real guitar on pc.

  • Very close to professional results
  • A ton of mixing options and effects
  • Customizable in many different ways
  • Creates legit HD audio


Djay Free Download

  • Huge file size of over 63MB
  • Available only for Android 4.0 and up