Driver For Scratch Live Box Sl1 On A Mac

Driver For Scratch Live Box Sl1 On A Mac

Driver For Scratch Live Box Sl1 On A Mac Free

If you do not see two virtual decks on the screen make sure the Scratch Live hardware is connected directly to the computer using a USB cable. Do not use any USB hubs and if this is a desktop model, make sure you plug into the USB port in the back of the machine.
First try to manually install the driver -
Connect the box to the computer
Local Disk C:
Program Files (If using 32bit OS)
Program Files x86 (If using 64bit OS)
Driver_updater32 - Double click this, try on all available ports. (If using 32bit OS)
Driver_updater64 - Double click this, try on all available ports. (If using 64bit OS)
If no luck there, try this -
Start (lower left hand corner of desktop)
right click on 'Computer'
Device Manager
Universal Serial Bus Controllers
You should see 'Rane Sl-1 or Rane Serato Sl-3' right click that.
(Sometimes you will see 'unknown device'. You can determine if that is the Scratch Live unit by unpluggin the unit and seeing if the 'unknown device' disappears from the window)
Choose 'Uninstall' BUT you also need to put a check mark in the empty box that says 'delete the driver software for this device'
Then click OK.
Unplug the Scratch Live hardware, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. Go through the regular method to manually install the driver and BINGO.
If none of the above steps work, what kind of processor is in the machine?

Serato Scratch Live Box

Aug 19, 2014  Scratch Live is a streamlined Mac OS X application specially made to operate with Rane hardware in order to help you mix and scratch music using your Mac. Mix digital audio like a pro using vinyl records or CDs. Hence, you can use Scratch Live to playback MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF and non-DRM AAC files via special timecode vinyl records or CDs.

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