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GarageBand apk Download isn’t available on the google play store but it has a good rating and some positive ratings and has many downloads. With the presence of garage band apk download, you don’t need to worry about to install other music apps like piano etc because this apk itself has all those music instruments combined in one app so allows user or creator to create his own independent.

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If you are a Windows user and you would love to have an application like GarageBand installed on your computer so that you can create music the way you want then you don’t have to worry any more as we’ve got you covered. In this article, you are going to learn about some of the best GarageBand alternatives that are both free and paid which you can use on your computer running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or other OS version. So let’s have a look at the best alternatives to GarageBand for computer.

A few days back, we posted an article where we showed how you can use GarageBand for PC because there are some people who would love to use the best music-creating software on their computer. There is no official Windows version of the app, but if you still too want to use only GarageBand for PC then you should check out that post. Otherwise there are many amazing GarageBand alternatives for Windows PC that you can easily download and install and start creating music and tunes of your own.

The reason GarageBand is so popular is because it comes with the best features that you need to create a perfect song. Some of the biggest names in the music industry have used and are still using the application to record their hits or to create some music in their free time. The only drawback of the app is that is available for only iOS devices and not for any other operating system. But you shouldn’t lose hope as there are some other music software available that offers that same features. You can use them as GarageBand alternatives on your Windows computer.

Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows PC


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Wondering how you can make music online? Audiotool is the perfect choice. This software is a powerful online music production studio that you can access from your browser. The software enables you to store all your samples, presets and tracks in the cloud thus you can access them from any browser without worrying about software installations. Once you are done with your tracks, you can publish them straight to Youtube, Soundcloud or Facebook, how cool is that?

This software makes it best to collaborate with different software and hardware. It is possible to add all Audiotool devices to the app’s desktop without much effort. This comes in handy when it comes to merging, splitting or routing of various synthesizers outputs. Working with Audiotool gives you the opportunity to enjoy an expanding community fed cloud based library with unlimited samples (over 250,000). In addition, there are also many device presets accessible through a wide range of preset browsers (over 50,000).

Some of the Audiotool features include:

  • Instruments- Heisenberg, Pulverisateur, machinist, beatbox 8, beat box 9 and bassline.

  • Mixing & Routine: Master output, centroid, audiotrack, splitter/merger, crossfader and Minimixer.

  • Effects: Rasslebock, graphical EQ, autofilter, exciter, stompboxes and stereoenhancer.

If you don’t know how to use Audiotool, don’t worry because the website has a couple of tutorial videos. Despite the fact Audiotool works in major web browsers, your browser needs to be Flash enabled to be able to run the application.


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This a computer program for music recording and producing. This program gives you the opportunity to record, produce and mix sounds to produce music for distribution on CDs or via the internet. This program is a series of digital audio editing computer applications (DAW), music sequencer and MIDI. Cubase offers specific tools for different musical genres form experimental indie pop, orchestral arrangements, electronic music and metal.

This program has DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that’s lets you edit, mix songs like a pro and record while at the same time providing high end studio-like audio quality at each step of the creating process. This tool has a pro version that combines MIDI tools and advanced audio quality. Whether you want to record band in the studio, an orchestra or a live rock show, Cubase pro will cater for all your needs. Cubase boasts of more than three decades of expertise thus becoming one of the best digital workstation anywhere. This tool is favorite among famous artists, mixing rock albums, hip hop producers, DJs, songwriters, engineers to film composers both independent and Hollywood.

Cubase has VST expression which features top notch technology that provides an interactive way of working multiple controller values and instrument articulations. This feature is also based on VST dynamics, expression maps and note expression. Expression maps assist you to work with musical articulations. On the other hand, VST dynamics allow for high quality and well interactive handling of dynamics.

Soundation Studio

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/mixxx-dj-software-review.html. Mixxx might be the best DJ software for Linux. The subject is open for discussion however, because of another software product, Ultramixer 2. Mixxx is designed for semi-professional and beginner.

This is a free online music making app that gives one the opportunity to make music on the internet. The app comes with free access to a wide range of music making tools such as audio recording and editing, automation, loop library, virtual instruments and real time effects. Soundation Studio lets you save, download and upload your work to the web. If you are looking for a music making tool with more sounds, this is the right tool for you. This tool has an integrated shop that offers a wide range of top notch loops ready to be used directly. Although it is a free tool, there are paid accounts that provide premium sound library as well as audiolocker, a desktop app that enables you to import your personal sounds to the Soundation Studio.

This app is an extremely powerful online music studio with over 700 free sounds and loops, recording effects and virtual instruments. It also offers high quality performance and an enhanced workflow and amazing features for making music on the internet. From SPC drum machine, top notch loops, drum kits to midi packs, you can have these and many more when you decide to use Soundation Studio. Prior making a purchase, you can be able to listen to the sound to have an idea what you will get. If you are looking for a cool way to make music with your friends, Soundation Studio is what you need.

Ableton Live

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Ableton Live is all about making music from songwriting, composing, remixing, live performance to recording. It has powerful real time editing, live nonlinear, excellent flow as well as flexible performance options. All these features make this garageband the favorite among many live performers. If you are looking to make music rather than just using music software, Ableton Live is the perfect choice. This tool has the latest Live 8 version which comes with new techniques and improvements as well as a new groove engine that features new effects live looping, reworked MIDI editor and crossfades in the Arrangement View.

Free Piano Downloads Garageband Software

Free Piano Downloads Garageband

Since 1999, Ableton has become the best bet for musicians, artists and sound designers across the world. Some of the popular live effects of the software are grain delay, beat repeat, saturator, erosion, chorus, simpler, EQ8 and vinyl distortion. In addition, there is the operator which is powerful and does impeccable work when creating music because it offers a wide range of interesting and unique sounds.

Recently, Ableton Live announced a public beta for Live 9.7 which includes amazing new features:

  • Advanced editing options, that gives you the opportunity to cut off samples by beat divisions.

  • Amazing color customization from color clips, tracks and pads using Push to make the live performance easier.

  • Audio routing that enables recording directly from Push for sampling in and out audio without interfering with the flow.

  • Visual feedback for stronger recording that also lets new information show successfully from start and finish recording accurately.

  • Revamped layout that features 16 set velocity levels for programming and playing more progressive beats.

  • Better playability that features pads sensitivity to allow you to play from chords to drums.

Mixcraft 7

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Price: Paid – $89.95 with Free Trial

If you have ever used GarageBand then you would know that one of the many reasons that make the app popular is its huge library of loops that makes it easy to create music. Mixcraft 7 also offers a similar feature where you can choose and combine various loops together using simple drag and drop feature.

Mixcraft 7 works in the same way that GarageBand does and the interface is also quite user-friendly that a novice can get used to. There are many plugins included that you can use to pump up your music and add various sound effects and music instrument effects. Moreover, you can even use the software to edit videos easily making it the best GarageBand alternative.


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Price: Free

LMMS is a free digital open-source music workstation that is made my musicians and for musicians and is available for Windows, Linux as well as Apple OS X operating system.

Using the simple interface, you can easily sequence, compose music, mix and automate songs and you can fine tune the chords, melodies or patterns using the Piano Roll Editor. You have the access to various musical instruments and effects mixing features to help you create the perfect song or the perfect tune or music.

Music Maker Jam

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Price: Free with In-app Purchases

Music Maker Jam is a free music application available for Windows 8 that you can use to create tracks of your own in a simple and fast way. It offers you a variety of features needed to create the best music or song and that’s the reason it is considered to be a great alternative to GarageBand for Windows 8.

You can choose from four different music styles and change them every month for free, expand your music library with music styles such as Hip Hop, House, Metal, Techno etc., remix your tracks and add real-time effects by shaking and tilting your device and a lot of awesome and unique features. The best part about Music Maker Jam is that it is available for Windows computer and Windows Phone as it is also available for Android and iOS devices as well.

FL Studio 12

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Price: $99 with Free Trial

FL Studio 12 comes with a totally redesigned user interface and the newest feature set to help you create the best music. The software is very popular and you can use the software for free on your Windows computer and if you like it then you can upgrade it to the paid version any time you want.

Though the workspace has a lot of different features and option, it still doesn’t look cluttered because you know the place of the features you are looking for. The channels are created easily, the menu and browser makes it easy to do tasks, a multi-touch capability is now available and a lot of new features have been added too. So if you are looking for the best solution to create your own music tracks then FL Studio should be on the top of your choice list.


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Price: $60 with Free Trial

The last alternative to GarageBand on our list is Reaper that is another amazing music creation tool for Windows users which is free to download and is easy to upgrade when you feel like it.

Reaper is a great music creation software but it is a bit complex compared to the other alternatives mentioned in this list. You can layer the already recorded tracks, edit the recordings and also add effects to your tracks using the Reaper software.

These were the 5 best alternatives to GarageBand for Windows computer and so if you are a Windows user then you should choose any one of them, download them and install them on your PC to start creating your own music.

Garageband learn piano

I hope that you liked the complete post on the alternatives but if you know about other GarageBand alternatives for Windows PC then do let us know via the comments below so we can update the post and help other readers better. Also I would love to hear your views about the music creation software mentioned in the article so do drop your valuable feedback below!

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welcome to the free Garageband loops section. As some of you already know, Logic studio pro and Garageband by apple are among the most prominent music production software available today.

for that reason, we here at have dedicated a whole section just for free Garageband and apple loops. The main advantage with using apple loops in your music is that they are very flexible. you can change the tempo of your project and the scale but the loops will always fit and do the job.

All of the loops we offer are free and completely compatible with Garageband and Logic.
Whether it is midi loop (the green ones) or audio loops (the blue ones), you can rely on us to deliver original high quality music and audio files.
visit the links below to get started and download free Garageband loops / apple loops right away, no registration required.
Piano loops Hip hop loops Reggae loops

Hip Hop Loops

When you say loops most people think of Hip hop loops or samples. After all, this is where it all started from. A good loop can make or break a track. This is why I left it to the pros.
If you are looking for great hip hop loops you have to try these guys, Hip Hop Heat They really cooked the good stuff at their studio Timbaland style, Kanye, Neptues and more so try them out. I liked what I heard.

Piano Loops

Most people are not good keyboard players. Even musicians who produce music lack the skill to produce good quality piano lines.
The ability to program midi and edit it has made life a little bit more easy but still, even an untrained ear can tell you something stinks if the piano lines sound dorky and childish or the harmony is too plain.

For this reason we have created this page, so you can download high quality free apple loops played by professional pianists. In these piano samples the feel, groove, sound and touch of the musicians brings the samples to life.

The piano loops section offers high quality garageband loops of piano playing. There are piano vamps and chords played open or in a groove, piano leeks, piano bass lines and more. The loops are rich in tone and color and their feel is impressive.

Apple loops can be manipulated and processed to match any genre you desire. The bass lines are fat and strong, the vamps are groovy and come in all sorts of chords and harmonic changes. Some of the loops are not easily manipulated since the pedal was used in the recording, but those of you proficient in midi editing will not gave much trouble making the right adjustments. The BPM is varied and could easily be stretched or shortened to suit your needs. we will continue to update and upload more piano samples and loops.

Free Piano Downloads Garageband Download

Listen to a few piano loops samples

Left click to preview in browser,
right click to download

Download free garageband loops , loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5, loop 6, loop7
Piano bass line loop 1, loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5
Piano Blues vamp1, vamp 2, funky vamp, reflective vamp1, vamp 2, vamp 3, vamp 4

Reggae Loops

In this section you can download high quality free garageband loops in reggae style. Organ reggae samples, bass line reggae samples, drums reggae samples, percussion and more.

every musician and producer knows that reggae is a music with a certain feel and groove to it, and that feel and groove is hard to imitate with midi programming and software instruments. this is where we come in. The loops and samples here were played by live reggae musicians who have their own touch and groove which is critical in this genre. you do not have to worry about the vibe anymore, it is already there in these reggae samples.

The reggae loops can be manipulated and processed to match any sub-genre in reggae music such as roots, ska, dub, dancehall etc.
The bass lines are deep and heavy, the organ riffs are bubbling and warm and the drums sound really good. you have a lot of good stuff to work with here. Use it wisely.
Most reggae loops here are around 68-70 BPM but could easily be stretched or shortened. This will give you more control and room for creativity.
We will continue to update and upload more reggae samples and loops, enjoy…

Free Piano Music Downloads

Listen to a few Reggae loops samples

Garageband Piano Keyboard

Free garageband loops – Reggae bass loop 1, loop2, loop 3,loop 4, loop 5
Garageband Reggae organ loop 1, loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5