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Unless you’re musically gifted, you probably don’t know what it feels like to simply pick up an instrument and be able to make something that kind of sounds like music.

Download GarageBand for Windows 10 PC & Laptop for free. Actually garageband is an iOS app which cant be directly used in any Windows PC.

Garageband FOR PC, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Laptops Free Download 1 Comment Unless you’re musically gifted, you probably don’t know what it feels like to simply pick up an instrument and be able to make something that kind of sounds like music. Nov 11, 2018 This image (Autocad software Inspirational Autocad 2007 free. download full Version Windows 7 Liatrash) earlier mentioned is actually classed using: posted by simply oldworldbaking on 2018-11-11 19:05:41. To view all photos with Find the Best Custom Autocad software Amazing Design photos gallery make sure you abide by this particular website link.

Let’s be honest about it, that’s not something many of us can do but since computer became super clever we’ve had some other options. From Guitar Hero to online pianos there have been a few different ways we could play at being musical without actually having to be especially skilled.

There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the most powerful tools, one that changed the way we looked at music production, was Garageband.


Garageband was an unusual addition to the standard Mac software if you think about it. Everybody needs to send messages and connect with one another and the idea you would need to store your photos was, again, pretty reasonable but with Garageband and iMovie Apple really puts their stake in the ground to place themselves as the computers for the creative industries.

What was most interesting was that professional level Video editors or musicians won’t be making their music on this software but it made regular mortals like you or I FEEL like we were professionals.

The tools provided lifted us far above the kind of things available on a PC and Garageband in particular allowed you to view music as nothing more than simple loops, layered up to produce a tune. It was intuitive to use and you could genuinely make music really quickly. For a brief moment in the early 00’s I really thought I was going to be a DJ.

Apparently, there’s a little more to it

SO, HOW DO I GET Garageband FOR PC?

But before we get carried away, we need to address something pretty straightforward.

You aren’t going to get Garageband on your PC. It’s an iOS application and doesn’t play nicely when being forced onto a PC. However, there are options but you need to do your homework.

First of all, don’t believe any site that claims you can get Garageband on your PC using Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a great piece of software (check out our review here) but it is designed to work as an Android Emulator and Garageband is not an Android application.

However, you’re not totally out of luck. iPadian is an interesting piece of software that allows you to turn your laptop or desktop machine into an iPad. It’s pretty robust and you are able to access apps like Garageband which isn’t so heavily tied to the Apple infrastructure. This will allow you to play around with your heart’s content and create some beautiful music.

However, we’re not convinced that this is the best way to experience Garageband as, like so much of Apple software, it works best because it can collaborate with other Apple apps.


But let’s just say you do have access to Garageband. You’re going to have some fun.

The interface is pretty straightforward with the now ubiquitous ‘timeline’ used to give you somewhere to place your loops. But now Garageband has become a slightly more serious affair.

You can record your own voice or even hook it up so you can record your own instruments. This means that Garageband essentially becomes a simple recording studio that, whilst simple, still has far more power than anything you would be able to get your hands on in the real world outside of paying a serious amount of money.

You can add lots of effects which are not just novelties, they give you a lot of control over the tone of anything you have recorded and allowed you to make music which sounds the way you want it to. You can also play the pitch and record your voice using autotune, a feature that, when used correctly, can make you sound a lot better than really are.

Garageband Software For Windows 7 free. download full Version Pc Game

Combine this with integration directly into iTunes and you can have a lot of fun with Garageband straight out of the box.

One of our favorite feature though is the ability to sync with the video. This means you can have a rudimentary sound studio for scoring your epic productions.

I’d like to think Garageband has the kind of learning curve that means you can get started right away but as you improve you’re going to find a whole host of new features that mean the software grows with you.


Well, the catch is simple. If you want to download Garageband for PC you’re going to have a few issues. You cannot easily open it on your PC with a standard emulator though there is an iPad emulator, iPadian that could help you.

The thing with Garageband is that it really is a powerful piece of software so Windows doesn’t really have something at the same level, allowing newbies to utilize the same array of controls as a more seasoned professional.


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as an aspiring artist then you should either get hold of a Mac with Garageband or try working with software like iPadian so you can download Garageband for PC.

You’re going to find that within minutes you can create tunes that sound good enough that you want to make a few more and that’s where the real secret to Garagebands success lies.

You can make tunes within minutes but the music takes a little longer yet the confidence you will undoubtedly gain from the ease of use of the software will mean you WANT to keep persevering.

Garageband FOR PC is especially good for making music that’s built on an electronic beat and a single vocal. Whilst you can important instruments and use Garageband like a studio, most professional musicians will already have studios for that. This is for the bedroom bands and rappers that want to be able to make a little magic whenever they have an idea for a beat or a lyric.

And for that, Garageband is perfect.

GarageBand for PC

This is a software for music production which Apple Inc. released as an addendum to its iLife suite. It made its debut appearance on the 6th of January, 2004 and expectedly, it was only meant to work with iOS and MacOS operated devices. However, guys have evolved ways of getting this rich musical application working well on your Windows-operated PC. This package allows you to produce many musical tracks with its pre-installed loops, keyboards and other acoustic musical instruments. It also allows you to record your voice too and for DJs, the tool makes their mixing work quite effortless.

Best Software For Windows 7


  • Records and plays back audio of speeches and music with great quality
  • Capable of importing and editing MIDI which it can equally playback.
  • Pre-loaded with comprehensive musical instruments such as keyboards, guitar and others.
  • Mixes audio automatically
  • Can interpret and play musical notations
  • Contains lessons for beginners in piano and guitar playing.

PC Requirements for GarageBand

Again, you have to keep in mind that this app is officially exclusive to apple products. However, this article will show you how you can get it working perfectly on your PC. The software is essentially free but certain add-ons may come with some price. It’s going to be up to you to decide if you will be opting in for them depending on your needs. Here are the requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.
  • RAM: minimum of 2GB but 4GB is preferable.
  • Processor: Core i3 of Intel but preferable i5 chipset.
  • Hard Drive Memory: At least 2GB must be available.

How to Use GarageBand on Your PC

There are several methods of doing this but the underlying principle is to get an emulator that runs on windows and as well accommodate Apple’s software. Two approaches would be discussed here and both are cool. The choice of which to adopt depends on you

Approach 1

You can make use of Rare Software which is a special downloader for MacOS and iOS applications for Windows. In other words, this downloader makes it possible for you to get applications which are exclusive to Apple devices on Windows-Operated computers. However, you need to be aware that not all iOS and MacOS applications can be downloaded by Rare.

Garageband Software For Windows 7 free. download full Version Windows 7

When you download and install Rare Software on your PC, you can simply search for GarageBand on it and install it to your system. What it does is to mimic MacOS on your PC and hence, makes it installable. Another emulator you can use instead of Rare is iPadian. This software is available for download at Once you have it, the other steps are essentially the same as the ones given above

Approach 2

This involves using an emulator for Android which is known by the name Bluestacks. Perhaps you are wondering how possible it is for an emulator designed to work for Android can be used on PC, here are the steps to follow to make it happen:

  • Get the installer for the emulator at this website profullcrack
  • After saving the installer on your system, run it. Successful running means you now have the Bluestacks icon on your desktop
  • Double-click on this icon to launch it.
  • For a first-time user, you would have to sign in using any of your Gmail accounts. If you don’t have one, you can open even at that point
  • As soon as your sign in is okay, search for GarageBand pc via the search icon
  • Once you find it, double-click and install on your system and you are good to go!

Please note that because GarageBand for pc is not native to Windows, each time you want to make use of it, you’ll have to go through the Bluestacks emulator.


/crossover-design-software-mac.html. When you print, CrossOver uses your Mac print driver. In daily use for fully supported apps, CrossOver worked like a charm: it rarely got in the way of running Windows software and it’s easy to use when you know the program is fully supported. So if Mac users can install CrossOver, they can run Office 2007 in a matter of minutes. Some companies have a standard desktop that requires everyone to run the approved Office version (likely for Windows). Testing resultsThe latest 7.0.2 version adds support for Microsoft Office 2007—compelling as long as you’re not already using Office 2008 for the Mac, released in January.

  • It can record both at 16 and 24-Bits and 44.1MHz fixed frequency.
  • The interface is simple enough for a beginner.
  • Records multiple tracks
  • Capable of importing and even editing MIDI files
  • Displays music notation
  • Consumes few system resources


Garageband Software Download For Windows Free

  • Not officially available on Windows
  • There is latency when recording or importing MIDI
  • MIDI tracks cannot be exported.

Garageband Software For Windows 7 free. download full Version Free

Final Verdict

Garageband Software For Windows 7 free. download full Version Free

No doubt, there are numerous audio recording tools, some which are even compatible with Windows but very of such can give what GarageBand offers. When it comes to recording audios and applying relevant instruments, GarageBand makes it very easy. You can be in your room and produce your music track with it.

Apple would have to still work on shooting up its features to make for the demands of modern-day music production. The GUI performance has been described as being slow and multiple mixing too seems not to be supported.