How To Download More Audio Loops Garageband

Does your Loop Library exist at all?

  1. How To Download More Audio Loops Garageband Download

Check the Loop Library at /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/

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If no loops are installed, try to download more loops using the command 'GarageBand > Sound Library > Download all available sounds'.

It might be a problem with corrupted preferences files:

Garageband sounds and loops

if parts of the user interface do not work, it frequently helps to remove the preferences files and to clear the caches:

Quit GarageBand. Remove these folders from your user library, if they exist:






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The user library is the Library folder inside your Home folder, not the Library folder at the toplevel of your system drive.

You user library may still be hidden, as is the default: To make it visible in Mavericks or newer systems:

How To Download More Audio Loops Garageband Download

  • Quit GarageBand .
  • Select the 'Home' folder icon (the little house) in the Finder's sidebar and press the key combination ⌘J to open the 'view options'. Enable 'Show Library Folder'.

To make it visible in Lion or later open a Terminal window and enter exactly as written here:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Then open the Home folder and open the Library folder inside and navigate to Preferences.

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