How To Hookup Garageband To Mac

Does this sound familiar? You want to starta podcast. You’re on a budget. You’ve already decided to use GarageBand and foundthe perfect mic, but after a little bit of research, you realize the soundquality would be significantly improved using two microphones instead of one. Theproblem is that GarageBand won’t recognize the secondary input.

It seems like it should be easy to connecttwo different microphones to your computer, but it’s not as straightforward asit seems. Even if you do connect two separate microphones, you can end up withtwo individual audio streams.

Here’s how to record input from two separate microphones into a single audio stream. Also, check out my previous post on using GarageBand to record a real instrument playing.

How to Connect Two Microphones to GarageBand

Connect the MIDI socket on one end of the adapter cable to the other end of the MIDI cable attached to the keyboard. Insert the USB plug on the other end of the adapter into any unused USB port on the Mac. Double-click the GarageBand icon on the Mac desktop to start the audio software on the computer. Mar 17, 2013  Start GarageBand on your Mac. Connect a standard USB printer cable between the Motif and the Mac. Plug the D-shaped end of the cable into the 'USB: To Host' connector on the back of the Motif. Plug the other end of the cable into a USB port on your Mac. GarageBand should recognize your Motif and tell you so in a pop-up message.

GarageBand only recognizes a single input,but it is possible to record using two separate devices. You just have to trickthe program into thinking two connections are one. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open Finder and choose Go > Utilities, or hit Command + Shift + U with Finder open.

2. Open the Audio MIDI Setup application.

3. At the bottom left corner of the screen, click the “+.”

4. Choose Create Aggregate Device.

5. When you do this, a new aggregate devicewill appear in the list above. Double-click the device name to rename it.

6. With this device selected, you will see a list of all available audio devices in the Audio Devices window. Select the inputs you want to use. You would select the two microphones you want to use, but make note of the order you select them in. The order they are checked determines the order the system will view the inputs.

7. When you select multiple devices, youwill have the option to select the clock source. Without getting too technical,this will be the audio input the time is based on. Choose the source with themost reliable clock speed.

8. When you have selected the twomicrophones you intend to use, exit from the Audio MIDI Setup.

Choosing the Aggregate Device in GarageBand

Now that you’ve created an aggregatedevice, it’s time to go back into GarageBand and select the proper device.

1. Go to File > New and select the type of project you wish to use.

2. Look in the bottom left corner and click on the arrow beside Details.

How To Hookup Garageband To Mac

3. Click Input Device and select the aggregate device from the list.

4. Choose the output device you want touse. Note: you do not want to use the Built-in Output, as it can cause audiodistortion in the recording. Instead, use headphones or another output source.

5. Click Choose.

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6. Next, go to GarageBand > Preferences and select Audio/MIDI.

7. Select Aggregate Input from the Input Device menu.

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8. From there, navigate back to the GarageBand screen and press the Smart Controls button (or just hit the B key.)

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9. In the Smart Controls menu, select Input and choose Aggregate Device from the list if it isn’t already selected.

And with that step, you should be set upand ready to record from two microphones. There are still a few issues that mayarise, however. If you have two identical USB microphones, it can be difficultto get the computer to recognize them as individual devices because theirdigital signatures are identical. This may be easier to pull off using separatetypes of microphones.

If you try to record and find one of themicrophones isn’t working, don’t make the mistake we did and repeat every stepabove—not at first, anyway. The first step should be to check that the secondmicrophone is turned on. Congratulations, and good luck with recording.