How To Setup Mixxx With Ddj Sb2

First of all, I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum - sorry if not.
Anyway .. I'm pretty new to the amazing world of DJing, but I got myself a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller. And it's nice, as the reviews said; I don't mean to imply that I'm disappointed with it. BUT .. it has one feature that is driving me crazy.

May 13, 2019  I've reviewed the SB2 Implementation. There are many mappings that arn't compatible with the DDJ400 Functions besides that the SB2 has 4 Decks. There is no Bank-Mode in DDJ400. Pioneer Mapped a KeyShift function on this mode. Sure you can map the Bank mode to this but my approach is to implement the original Functions as good as possible. A detection window will appear right after, asking to use or not the pre-defined audio setup with the built-in sound card of the DDJ-SB You can still change that from Settings-AUDIO tab. Click on the 'Use Soundcard' button if your speakers are connected to the Master Output of the DDJ-SB Click to OK.

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Serator wont analyze bpm. Feb 13, 2011  When I try to analyze songs by drag and drop in 'Analyze', the progress bar goes up, and when it finishes, it says 'Writing to File' and when complete, the bpm colum for that song remains blank. I realize some songs or soundbytes wont analyze, but these are songs that have been analyzed previously.

DownloadFor those who aren't familiar, the DDJ-SB2 has what I gather is kind of an unusual setup: it has 4 decks, but only 2 channels - and just 1 set of controls on each side. And there's a button on the left to switch between decks 1 & 3, and a button on the right to switch between 2 & 4. So if you're on deck 1, the lefthand controls apply to deck 1, and so on.
So here's what can happen: let's say you play a track on deck 1, then you switch to deck 3. You play that track, then use the channel fader to fade it out. Then you switch back to deck 1. Okay, well, where is the volume on deck 1? The fader is at 0, but (assuming you didn't fade deck 1 before) the setting in Mixxx is at *full volume.* So if you're not careful to reset the physical fader whenever you switch decks, the result is that you might intend to start a track silently, but it's actually at full volume. Or vice versa.
It wouldn't be so terrible if it were just the faders, but a similar thing happens with *all* the controls. So if you faded out a track with the filter instead of the volume fader, you have to remember that too .. I think you get the idea. I have played a couple of gigs with this machine - just informal, unpaid ones, nothing too high-pressure yet, but this quirk has tripped me up several times, and I don't know if I can handle it. I may need to upgrade to a controller with 4 full control sets.
But maybe there's a better way to handle this situation? I can see that it is inherently a hard problem, and there's probably no absolute right way to deal with it. But I'm thinking it would be better if, for example, whenever you switched to a deck that was not playing, the Mixxx controls were reset to match the positions of the physical controls.

Ddj Sb2 Driver Serato

BTW, this controller is designed for Serato. Does anyone know how Serato handles this issue? I feel like it must have a better approach than Mixxx, because I read a number of reviews before buying the controller, and I didn't notice anyone complaining about problems with switching decks.