How To Use Soundflower To Record Djay Pro

  1. How To Use Soundflower To Record Djay Pro Download the latest version

From the Finder, HIT Shift-Cmd-G and TYPE:

Mar 19, 2017 If you have this app and think you can't record w spotify, guess again. I know it sounds bad when I replay what I recorded, that was because of internal spe.

How To Use Soundflower To Record Djay Pro


Then inside that folder, look for a 'Soundflower.kext' file. If there is one,DRAG it into the trash (you may be asked for the admin password)

REPEAT, typing in this folder path:

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How to use soundflower to record djay pro mac

RESTART your computer

Soundflower Source ReadMe

Originally by ma++ ingalls for Cycling'74Revised by Tim Place, 16 October 2008, for version 1.4


To build Soundflower, open a terminal window and cd to the Soundflower folder. Then follow these steps:

  1. Change directories into the Tools directory:cd Tools

  2. Build Soundflower:./build.rb

    The build.rb will provide info about its required arg, which you will need to supply(Development or Deployment -- or the shorthand for them: dev or dep).It will also prompt you for your password so that it can set permissions correctlyand load the kext automatically when the build is complete.

  3. If you wish, build an installer for Soundflower:./installer.rb


Soundflower.xcodeproj is an Xcode 3.1 compatible project. You can download Xcode 3.1 as a part of Apple's developer tools from .

There are two Build Configurations in the project: the Development build configuration builds Soundflower for the architecture of the machine you are using suitable for debugging. The Deployment configuration builds a Universal Binary version suitable for distribution. Both configurations link against the Mac OS 10.4 SDK.


Files in a kernel extension (kext) bundle have to be set as follows:owner: root - read/writegroup: wheel - read onlyothers: read only

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a simple way to do this in Xcode. Xcode cannot execute scripts with sudo permissions, and it cannot invoke any user interaction (e.g. and applescript dialog) to finish a build.

In the Soundflower 'Tools' folder there is a Ruby script called 'load.rb' which will copy the built kext into the install location using sudo. This sets the owner and group correctly. When you run the 'build.rb' script it builds the project with Xcode and then runs the 'load.rb' script automatically.


The master version number is updated in the Xcode project's target settings.
Specifically, you edit the MODULE_VERSION entry to set it. All other places where the version number is needed (including in the installer), it is accessed from this master location.


How To Use Soundflower To Record Djay Pro Download

Soundflower is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.
For details please refer to the accompanying 'License.txt' file distributed with Soundflower.