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From tire screeches to dog barks and public transit beeps, noise is a consistent fixture of the city soundscape. While these sounds tend to blend into the background of daily life, they are hard to ignore when captured by a microphone.

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Mar 21, 2016 Taken from our An Evening with iZotope event, iZotope product specialist Brandon Carroll walks us through RX, a powerful and essential tool for audio cleanup. He uses the spectral repair function. Dec 03, 2018 RX 7 Standard introduces new features and workflows that allow you to easily edit, repair, and restore audio to pristine condition both in post and music production.

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Apr 10, 2013 Did you overload your converter while recording? Or did you receive something that wasn't taped properly? This tutorial is for you then. Get a demo of iZotop. Perfect for small home studios, RX Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair tool powered by technology used in studios all over the world. View More Add to Cart.

For this reason, noise reduction is a necessary part of making music. In a given session, we clean up hiss and rumble from home recordings, pull out clicks and pops from vocal performances, and dull pinging frequencies that poke out too far in the mix.

But we don’t always need to be so critical of noise. Since the beginning of recording history, it has been used to enhance instruments and even create new categories of music. Furthermore, too much noise reduction can strip a sound of its natural character.

To reflect this, we’ll look at the different types of noise common in audio and how to make the call to keep or remove them. While the tips will be from the perspective of music production, they are also applicable to post for film and TV.

Types of noise

There are many different kinds of noise that can disrupt music. If you can identify the type of noise it is, you will have an easier time picking an appropriate removal tool. Here are five noise categories and the RX 7 modules to remedy them.

Impulse noises are short clicks and pops that vary in frequency and loudness throughout a recording. Mouth noises fall into this category and they are almost always removed due to their distracting quality. Some artists, however, deliberately include intermittent crackle and scratches in their music for a vintage effect or as part of a glitch sequence. RX Repair Assistant makes it easy to detect and eliminate clicks (as well as clipping, noise, and more).

Izotope Rx Free Trial

RX is world-renowned for its audio clean-up capabilities, but today we’ll talk about its use and value as a storytelling tool.

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining my friend, sound designer and re-recording mixer Peter Albrechtsen, on the mix of Robert Machoian's The Killing of Two Lovers, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. I was brought on to mix the dialogue and Foley, while Peter handled the ambiences, sound effects, and sound design. This was a very collaborative and creative mix—any idea that would help enhance the story was welcome and encouraged.

Izotope Rx Chirping Fixture

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I was really taken by the direction and editing of the film, as there were many long, single shots where the actors would use the entire screen as a stage—this made for some wonderful interactions and drama. We were on the clock with the Sundance delivery being just days away. This is where RX 7 Advanced emerged as an essential storytelling tool.

Izotope Rx Chirping Fix Problems

Check out the two-part video below as we explore RX’s creative contributions to the compelling indie film, The Killing of Two Lovers.