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View and Download M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 user manual online. Keystation Mini 32 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download.

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Keystation Mini 32 Driver

M- Audio Keystation Mini 32 Ipad Garageband

M Audio Keystation Mini 32

M- Audio Keystation Mini 32 Ipad Garageband

M- Audio Keystation Mini 32 Ipad Garageband Download

Hi there. Apologies if this has been raised previously, but I'm having problems with my Keystation Mini 32 not sending signals to my MacBook Pro 2015 running OS 10.13.4.
When I plug the keyboard into the USB port, it is powered; however, no signals are being sent to Garageband, either via my Saffire 6 audio interface, or directly (without the interface).
I've checked the USB connection via About this Mac > System Report > USB and the keyboard and its specs are present for both USB ports. Other USB devices - my external hard drive and iPhone - are fine in both ports.
I've checked Audio MIDI Setup, and the keyboard is both listed and active.
I've run MIDI Monitor, and the keyboard is present as a source. However, MIDI Monitor is not registering signals when I press the keys.
The keyboard does work on my ancient MacBook running OS 10.6.8 and a first iteration of Garageband.
This suggests either a USB 2 (keyboard) > 3 (port) conflict, or that OS 10.14.3 is not happy with the MIDI signal.
As an aside, I've had to log in, reluctantly, via Facebook, since the log-in confirmation panel is meant to be showing me 'words above' to type to prove that I'm a real person. The panel with the words to be typed is blank. Nor does the audio link work. I'm running Chrome.
Could you help, please?
Many thanks