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A ***flawless lipstick look can give you a major power-woman confidence boost, but nothing quite kills that vibe like a dry, flakey pout staring back at you in the mirror after a few hours of wear. Learning how to keep matte lipstick from drying out your lips can be a total game-changer, though. Repeat after me: I will not live in fear of my lipstick betraying me.

If you've taken the time to perfectly apply your favorite matte lipstick and rock it like nobody's business, you probably don't want to have the possibility that your masterpiece has taken a turn for the worse in the back of your head. Whether you're enjoying a nice dinner or hitting the dance floor with bells on, your makeup is the last thing that you want on your mind.

Lip color can go from glam to gross pretty quickly, but keeping your pucker moisturized in spite of matte lipstick's annoying drying tendencies can make a huge difference in the look and wear of your color. Unfortunately, even the fanciest of matte lipsticks aren't exempt to this major downfall (why do you play me like that, Tom Ford?)

No matter how much you splurge or save on your look, it's always important to take extra steps to keep your lips happy when you're wearing a matte lip. Here are seven tips to finally conquer that dreaded matte lipstick dryness once and for all. You: 1. Lipstick: 0.

Choose Your Formula Wisely

I compared lip balm to M.A.C.' S Prep + Prime Lip Primer as a base to see which would keep my lipstick on the longest, and make my lips look best. The primer has been popular on Instagram. Though the lip balm works just fine as an everyday base for lipstick, primer made my lipstick color last the longest, and helped keep my lips hydrated. MAC face primers for foundation prep, soothe and perfect the face to enhance the look and wear of makeup. Order today for free shipping. Mar 05, 2019  Thanks so much for tuning into my TOP 5 TUESDAYS - Lip Balms video. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo ⚡Please SUBSCRIBE! Mona Khan's Video. Lipstick Shine. Price $19.00. 27 Colors Free Gift with Purchase! 3.90 out of 5 stars (318 reviews) MAC. Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation. Jan 07, 2016  MAC Prep + Prime Lip, $18, Nordstrom. Using a hydrating lip primer will both keep your matte lipstick firmly in place and keep it from settling in to any dryness on your lips. Just like face.

Butter LondonLippy Moisture Matte Lipstick, $22, Amazon

Not all matte lipsticks are created equal. While they pretty much all have drying effects overall (can someone work on this dilemma, please and thank you?), some are easier on the lips than others. Do your research before choosing a shade — check to see if the formula has any moisturizing ingredients, like jojoba oil or vitamin E, and read reviews to see what people have said about how hydrating it is (or isn't.)

Exfoliate Before And After

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $22, Amazon

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Matte lipstick loves to settle into the dry spots on your lips and give them even more trouble, making them look (and feel) more prominent. Give your lips a good but gentle scrub pre- and post-matte lipstick, even if your lips look smooth already — as The Gloss points out, we can't always see the dead skin chilling out on the surface of our lips.


Moisturize Ahead Of Time

Aquaphor Lip Repair, $4, Amazon

The best defense is prevention when it comes to matte lipstick. Make sure your lips have a solid moisturized base before applying to give them a fighting chance against dryness. To make sure your lipstick doesn't bleed, let your lip moisturizer soak in completely before putting your lipstick on.

Use A Lip Primer

MAC Prep + Prime Lip, $18, Nordstrom

Using a hydrating lip primer will both keep your matte lipstick firmly in place and keep it from settling in to any dryness on your lips. Just like face primer, it's important to have a base for your lipstick to hang onto (instead of sinking into.)

Stash Lip Balm In Your Bag

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, $7, Nordstrom

To keep your lips moisturized throughout the day (or night), tote a lip balm (preferably a non-greasy one) with you along with your lipstick for touchups. When you're going to give your color another layer, give your pout some love first with the balm. Makeup artist Melissa Walsh told that she goes for Kiehl's cult fave.

Give Your Lips A Rest

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, $3, Amazon

If you're wearing matte lipstick every single day, your lips don't stand a chance, sadly. Give 'em a break by sticking to matte lipstick every other day to give them time to repair and recover. For a little color on your off days, try a tinted lip balm (I love the hue of Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine.)

Use A Lip Mask

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, $26, Sephora

To keep your lips happy and healthy on the reg, turn to a lip mask — they give your lips major hydration and nourishment overnight, leaving your pout far more prepared to handle your next go with matte lipstick.

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