Mixxx And Lame Plugin

Contact - to get in touch with LAME developers, with other LAME users, or to submit bug reports. Download - to obtain the latest LAME source code. Links - to get to know about software using LAME, obtain precompiled LAME binaries from external sites, and discover more information about MP3. Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes. mixxxdj/mixxx. Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to. Here's our guide! Download and Install Mixxx Mixxx is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Go to the Mixxx site to download the software that is compatible with your operating system. Warning: you must also install Lame, a small plugin allowing you to broadcast your titles in MP3. To install Lame, simply double-click on the downloaded file. KJams has a QuickTime component, which allows you to export audio from QuickTime and related apps to MP3 using LAME. The FINK project provides LAME binaries compiled for MacOS X. Etc.: OpenCSW provides up-to-date binaries for several versions of Sun Solaris, both SPARC and x86 architectures. 2019-11-22  The software patent on LAME encoding library has expired, so now the LAME library for MP3 export is built-in with Audacity for Windows. Navigate to that audacity folder with Windows Explorer and delete the entire contents. Then restart Audacity. To reset just your Audacity preferences.

  1. Audacity Lame Plugin

Download and install the broadcasting software Mixxx:
WIN 32 bit: http://downloads.mixxx.org/mixxx-1.11.0/mixxx-1.11.0-win32.exe
WIN 64 bit: http://downloads.mixxx.org/mixxx-1.11.0/mixxx-1.11.0-win64.exe
MAC: http://www.citrus3.com/mixxx-1.dmg.zip

Restart your computer after the install is complete

Download and install the mp3 broadcasting plugin

WIN 32 bit: http://www.citrus3.com/encoder32.zip
WIN 64 bit: http://www.citrus3.com/encoder64.zip
MAC: http://www.citrus3.com/lamemac.pkg.zip

Open the downloaded files.

On a Mac the plugin is automatically installed.

On Windows open the folder
Copy the file “lame_enc.dll” and paste it into the folder where you installed mixxx e.g. for example C:Program FilesMixxx


Go to ‘Options’ —> Preferences, then click on ‘Live Broadcasting on the left side.

Audacity lame plugin

Select ‘Icecast 2’ under the ‘Type’ section

Fill in your ‘server ip’ into the ‘Host’ field. Your server IP is visible in the Citrus3 control panel dashboard.

Fill in your port into the ‘Port’ field. Your port is visible in the Citrus3 control panel dashboard.

In the ‘Username’ field enter: live

Fill in your password in the ‘Password’ field. Your password is visible in the Citrus3 control panel dashboard

Under ‘Stream Name’ enter your radio or show name.

Tick the box ‘Turn on live broadcasting when applying these settings’

Finally press ‘Apply’

Your mixxx software is now connected and broadcasting live. You can now play music through mixxx.

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To enable your microphone go to “View —-> “Show microphone section”

In case your microphone is not enabled please do the following:
MIXXX —> Preferences —–> Sound Hardware —–> Click the “Input” tab and select your microphone next to the microphone section. Press OK

When you finish your live broadcast, close Mixxx. Your live stream will be disconnected and your AutoDJ will automatically resume.

Audacity Lame Plugin

Broadcasting using MIXXX is a great way to broadcast live music or your own voice across the Internet. This program has all the great tools and functions you'll need to broadcast right from your computer. To set up your station to use MIXXX simply follow these instructions and you'll be up and broadcasting in no time.

1) Download & Install MIXXX
Download the MIXXX software from http://www.mixxx.org/download/ and Install MIXXX to your computer using the default settings

2) Download the MP3 Lame Encoder To begin streaming MP3 audio using MIXXX on windows follow the following quick steps: Download LAME 3.98.4 binaries from http://lame.bakerweb.biz/. The ZIP file will contain both x86 and x64 DLL files.

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3) Install the MP3 Lame Encoder
If you have the 32-bit version of windows copy libmp3lame.dll from the x86 folder
to your MIXXX folder Rename the DLL to lame_enc.dll
If you have the 64-bit version of windows copy libmp3lame.dll from the x64 folder
to your MIXXX folder Rename the DLL to lame_enc.dll

*Do NOT use other versions of the LAME encoder or MIXXX will show an error while broadcasting and remember to rename*

Once you've completed the installation process you'll be ready to prepare your station for live broadcasting. Following these quick steps will have you broadcasting in just minutes.

4) Go to your Caster.FM control panel and log in securely.

5) Click the button labeled “Start Server”
This is the information you'll need about your server to connect it to MIXXX.

Your server is now running, but before you can broadcast you need to configure MIXXX by performing the following steps:

6) Open MIXXX
Once it is open go to Options>Preferences or simply press CTRL+P and Choose “Live Broadcasting” tab

7) Fill in the settings as follows:
◦ select “Enable Live Broadcasting”
◦ Type: Icecast 2
◦ Mount: /listen.mp3
◦ Host: Server IP from your dashboard
◦ Port: Port from your dashboard
◦ Log in: source (from your dashboard, Careful: This is case sensitive)
◦ Password: Password from your dashboard
◦ Bitrate: 64 or 128kbps
◦ Format: MP3
◦ Channels: Stereo

8)Start Broadcasting:
You are now ready to begin broadcasting. Simply click Options>“Enable Live Broadcasting” and wait for connection. anything you play from MIXXX will be streamed live to all your listeners!