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Name: Pioneer DDJ-SX
Author: PhantomDeejay - Atomix Productions -
Date added: Thu 15 Nov 12 @ 5:21 am
Last update: Wed 08 Jan 14 @ 5:09 am
Monthly downloads: 10
Total downloads: 30 850
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Pioneer Ddj Sx Drivers For Virtual Dj

Coastalevents PRO Infinity Member since 2007 I just bought a pioneer ddj sx3. This is a mixer that supports 2 laptops at one time. /how-to-use-garageband-on-mac-with-guitar.html. My question is can you have a computer using VDJ and the other supporting Serato together at the same time?

Mapper for Pioneer DDJ-SX
VER 1.1
PioneerChanged the mapper so that now it uses the native (built-in) device definition file.
Please switch your unit back to Serato mode, update your firmware, download, install and enjoy!
VER 1.2
Poor jogs performance fixed.
Changed FX Section so that it now uses 4 FX slots
Minor code updates here and there.
VER 1.2.1

Virtual Dj Online

Restored FX section back to it's previous state.
Fixed a few bugs such as Gain and Filter slider