Pioneer Ddj Sx2 Virtual Dj Mapping Download

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Name: Pioneer DDJ-SX
Author: PhantomDeejay - Atomix Productions -
Date added: Thu 15 Nov 12 @ 5:21 am
Last update: Wed 08 Jan 14 @ 5:09 am
Monthly downloads: 10
Total downloads: 30 850
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Mapper for Pioneer DDJ-SX
VER 1.1Pioneer dj software ddj sx2
Changed the mapper so that now it uses the native (built-in) device definition file.
Please switch your unit back to Serato mode, update your firmware, download, install and enjoy!
VER 1.2
Poor jogs performance fixed.

Pioneer Ddj Sx2 Software

Changed FX Section so that it now uses 4 FX slots
Minor code updates here and there.
VER 1.2.1
Restored FX section back to it's previous state.

Ddj Sx2 Download Software

Fixed a few bugs such as Gain and Filter slider

Pioneer Ddj Sx2 Virtual Dj Mapping Download For Pc