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When using Extreme Tuning, set the key of your song in GarageBand before applying the effect for best results. You can then additional effects like echo or reverb.

Dec 03, 2019 How to perform Pitch correction in GarageBand. Step 1: Click on the fourth icon from the box at the top left of the screen. You’ll find the pitch correction option in the edit window of audio tracks. Step 2: Turn on ‘Limit to key’ by clicking on the box. Step 3: Now you can alter the pitch correction on the sliding toolbar. If you turn it all the way up to 100, it will resemble auto-tune.

Set the key and scale of the song

Extreme Tuning uses your song's key and scale settings to apply the effect. If the actual key or scale of your song differs from the key or scale setting, the effect might be less pronounced, or might change the pitch of individual notes in the track in undesirable ways.

GarageBand songs defaults to the key of C.

  1. On iPhone and iPod Touch, tap Settings in the control bar, and then tap Song. On iPad, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus, tap Song Settings in the control bar.
  2. Tap Key.
  3. Tap the key for your song.
  4. Tap the scale for your song (major or minor).

Access the Extreme Tuning setting

Extreme Tuning is optimized for male and female voices, but you can apply it as a creative effect to any mono audio track, like a bass guitar or other live instrument.


To access the Extreme Tuning setting:

  1. In Tracks view, tap the audio region in an audio track to select it.
  2. Tap Microphone on the toolbar to open the Audio Recorder settings.
  3. On iPhone or iPod touch, tap Navigation , tap the current Audio Recorder setting (such as Clean), tap Fun, then tap Extreme Tuning.
    On iPad, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus, tap Fun, then tap the Extreme Tuning icon.
  4. Adjust Pitch Control and Distortion to fine tune the sound.

Add additional effects

To add additional effects like Reverb or Echo:

  1. On iPhone and iPod Touch, tap Settings , then tap Track Controls . On iPad, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus, tap Track Controls .
  2. Under Master Effects, adjust the Echo and Reverb sliders, or tap Master Effects to change the Echo and Reverb presets.

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I'm a terrible, but willing, singer. I have really been seeking a good audiobus compatible real-time pitch correction app but nothing seems to work quite the way they are demonstrated on YouTube.. I suspect most of the demonstrators are actually pretty talented singers faking poor pitch!


I'd like to be able to sing the lyrics to Instant Crush by Daft Punk onto a track and have it recorded in tune, and pitched up to the recorded pitch of the tune.

So far I have iVoxel, Voice Synth, Vio and Sir Sampleton. iVoxel and Sir Sampleton seem to want to record in small snippets that are then played back via keyboard. Vio is a toy and doesn't seem to create very nice autotune sounds that I've been able to make anyway. And Voice Synth seemed the most capable of all (and is the most recent purchase) but I must be really really bad because the pitches seem pretty far off even in full robotic mode.

There are a bunch of demos of Improvox, but the only thing that turns me away from that, besides my overly larger investment in apps, is that it is 3 years old and not updated very often.

Any other suggestions? Maybe actually learn to sing? :-)

GarageBand doesn't seem to do pitch correction all that well either. I could, of course, try all of this in Logic and see how it goes there.


Pitch Correction Garageband Ipad Free

  • I was going to suggest Improvox and Harmony Voice, although I haven't used either for that purpose. In other words, my singing is so bad that the pitch isn't even the primary focus!

  • OMG I am laughing so hard. Ok, I get it. I give up. What a demonstration that autotune can't fix everything, so true!!! I'll just use the apps I have for recording samples and tuning them.. no more singing for me. :-)

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    The trick to using auto tune is to either use it lightly on the soft setting in Antares style apps for subtle natutal correction. I like the Vocalive app for this in chromatic mode. If you are trying for a cher or tpain hard correction style you actually need to sing out of tune for the app to force it to the correct pitch. Be aware that you need to know what key your song is in for it to sounds right. You also need to be confident and have some vocal control to achive these effects. singing karaoke can help. For a daft punk vocoder style vocal, you need to either play the melody on the apps keyboard or sequencer then sing into it. depending on the exact effect you are going for the less 'automatic' it becomes. But that where it gets interesting.

    Take your time, break it up line by line if needed and adjust the pitch settings in the app for each line.