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Over the past couple years Radiologik has seen the addition of stream receive, silence sensor, detachable palette with waveforms and dedicated new audio output, studio timer, dark mode support for Mojave, better D&R mixer support, Intro & Outro creation and management, built-in ftp upload and download, enhanced publishing, better scheduler. Use Stream Receive to rebroadcast another station in the same manner as rebroadcasting a satellite feed in years past. Stream Receive supports mp3, AAC+ and Vorbis streams. It also supports playing mp3 and m4a files from http or https. Setup a stream profile for each URL. Each stream profile has its own duck, fade duration and publish settings. The Instant Radio Station is your source for free help and advice on being a hobby radio presenter or LPFM station manager. We talk and podcast about radio jingles, marketing, starting and growing your station and everything in between. Izotope ozone 4v crack. Sign up to The Stream podcast here and have a great day.

after several days of trial&error and googling, I still can't figure out how to get RTSP streaming to work in Processing3. I found several ways that seem possible, but I didn't find enough detail on each so that I could get it to work.

1) I found this post [1] that uses GSPipeline, however I don't know what to import as the GSPipeline object can't be found (I am using Processing 3 which seems to be based upon GSVideo)

2) Use VLCs ability to open the stream and then recode it to another format, but I couldn't find out what which format could be then opened by Processing.

3) Using Syphon, however there doesn't seem to be a VLC plugin, so another way to capture the stream would be necessary.

Radiologic Stream Receivers

4) Java Clients, I am sure that there are Java libraries handling the RTSP stream, can such be used?

As there are multiple ways, I am confused at the moment and would kindly ask anyone who already has a working example of displaying a RTSP stream in Processing for sharing their experiences on the topic.



Internet Radio (SHOUTcast, Icecast) Proxy for NodeJS

This module acts offers an interface for proxying the raw audio data andparsing the metadata from an SHOUTcast or Icecast broadcast. Theexposed API is offered as a ReadStream for compatibility and flexibilitywith Node's other Stream interfaces.


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Here's a basic example of just piping the clean audio data to stdout,while printing the HTTP response headers and metadata events to stderr:

Look in the examples directory for code of some more complex use-cases.

The most important use case of this is for HTML5 web apps that listen toradio streams; the <audio> tag doesn't know how to deal with the extrametadata and it is impossible to extract. But a WebSocket connection couldbe used in conjunction with this module to provide those metadata eventsto a web browser, for instance.


This will be available through npm once it reaches a stable state. Whilealpha, you can currently just download this git repo: