Serato Scratch Live Mac Os Sierra

Hi all,
I'm a owner of beloved Rane TM57SL mixer and last years I've been running Scratch Live on PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10). Few days ago I bought Macbook Pro with preinstalled macOS Sierra. I didn't know that there will be huge problem with run SL with Rane 57 on it (I didn't noticed before that macOS Sierra is not supported for SL). Fortunately I partially solve that issue but I just want to say it is very unfair by Serato that they abandoned to support their hardware (not software!) because that situation forces me to buy a new hardware to entirely use Serato functionality. When I googled few threads about that issue I red post-advice (probably written by Serato employee) that you should buy a new hardware or downgrade your system..
I bought a new laptop with preinstalled system and I have to buy a new mixer too or downgrade a system. It's not a good approach for customer and for a fan for sure. I'd like to say that is not a problem only with a mac. There's also issue with i5 processors running Windows. Serato knows well that you have to face with problem to run SL on this platform too.
I spent some time to find out what's wrong with my new mac and finally with SL software.
People interested in that subject know that the workaround is to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection designed to protect your mac) but it creates a lack of security in your system. That's why I decided to disable only kext protection. All you have to do is enable SIP and allow installation of unsigned kernel extensions. Below is how to do that.
1. Boot mac from Recovery - restart mac and hold cmd+R until Apple logo appear
2. Run Utility - Terminal
3. Disable SIP by command 'csrutil disable'
4. Restart mac - SL with 57 should work properly
5. Boot mac from Recovery again
6. Run Utility - Terminal
7. Enable SIP by command 'csrutil enable --without kext'
8. Restart mac and run your SL with 57
More info here
Problem solved partially because my mac is not protected entirely but fortunately Scratch Live with my 57 works like a charm.
Dear Serato team, instead of encouraging me to buy a new mixer please ensure to run my 57 with SL as long as possible. As I know you won't release new version of Scratch Live but after all I hope that a new version with certified kext would solve the problem.
Sincerely yours,
  • Latest Version:

    Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

  • Author / Product:

    Serato / Serato DJ Pro for Mac

  • Old Versions:

  • Filename:

    Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4.pkg

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  • Details:

    Serato DJ Pro for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

Serato DJ Pro for Mac delivers all the features and performance to meet the demands of DJs at the top of their game and sets the new standard for controller DJs. Load and customize your choice of high quality FX powered by iZotope including: Delay, Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, HPF, LPF and a Combo HPF/LPF. Adjust and customize a range of parameters for each effect to shape your sound. Lock your tracks together for seamless grooves.
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Features and Highlights
Virtual decks
All the important track information you need is displayed on famous virtual decks. Get live BPM and track time information as well as visual representation of upcoming cue points and playhead position while scratching.
Colored waveforms
Visualize your tracks with unique EQ colored waveforms. Red for bass, blue for treble and green for mid-range. Never miss an incoming vocal or bass drop. Keep your tracks in time with a simple beat matching display next to waveforms.
Full DVS support
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Recording + SP6
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Midi support
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Powerful FX
A huge array of customizable DJ FX powered by industry leaders iZotope. From the DJ necessities of Filters, Echoes, and Delays to complex and creative noise synths, dubbed out tape echoes and retro 8-bit audio bending FX.
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Serato Scratch Live Versions

The original and unrivaled vinyl emulation software for professional DJs. Scratch Live is vinyl emulation software that operates exclusively with Rane hardware. Mix and scratch digital music on your computer with Serato Control Vinyl or Control CDs. Why is my TTM57SL not being recognized by Scratch Live 2.4.0 and above? Some users on Mac computers have been receiving the 'hardware disconnected' message when connecting their Rane TTM 57SL after updating to Scratch Live 2.4.0 and above.