Studio One 4 Rent To Own

Nov 14, 2018  Splice already had various plugins on its Rent-To-Own scheme, Xfer Records Serum being just one of them, and now it’s added a DAW to the roster.The software in question is PreSonus’s Studio One Professional: pay $16.99 a month for two years and it’s yours.


  • Pause or cancel at any time
  • The Workflow You Want

    Chord Track

    Impact XT


    SampleOne XT

    Fine-tune with Melodyne

    Scratch Pads

    Unlimited Tracks

    Plays Well with Others

    Extra extras

    Studio One 4 Rent To Own Business

    “When I opened up Studio One, it was extremely intuitive…I was able to recreate my entire Logic tracking template in Studio One without googling a thing.”

    “It's a great DAW for musicians like me because I can effortlessly flow from initial track idea to finished master without it getting in the way of my creativity. It’s incredibly intuitive and a pure joy to use, but is still powerful enough to handle everything I can think of throwing at it.”

    Studio One Professional reviews

    • Studio One Professional 4.5 is the DAW that facilitates flow. It does this by preserving the good things from traditional studio equipment and workflows, and by turning everything else on its head. From its unique single-screen workflow with drag-and-drop functionality to its multitouch support, Studio One is a performance-ready idea machine. It has unlimited tracks, unlimited automation, unlimited virtual instruments, unlimited busses, and unlimited FX channels, 37 native effects, and built-in virtual instruments, so you can just create.
    • Reveal and rearrange chords with Chord Track, route signals like spiderwebs with the modulation matrix, mangle samples musically with SampleOne XT, sequence melodies and drums with Patterns.
    • Studio One’s flexible features make it a joy to use, whether you’re making music at home, in the studio, or on the road.
    • New features in 4.5 (Released May 21, 2019):
      • - Multi-processing enhancements for virtual instruments
      • - Redesigned Input Channel section with added controls
      • - Groups can now be nested, named, colored & assigned to keyboard shortcuts
      • - Add, re-order I/O settings via drag-and-drop. Import & export I/O setups
      • - Streamlined plug-in manager
      • - Randomize, Apply Scales, Mirror, and more with MIDI Note Actions
      • Click here for a detailed description of Studio One Professional 4.5 new features.
    • Other features:
      • - Real-time sampling and time-stretching
      • - Export to SoundCloud
      • - Single-screen workflow
      • - Drag-and-drop everything
      • - Multi-touch interface
      • - Easy groove extraction
      • - Integrated mastering suite
      • - Multitrack MIDI editing
      • - Drum and instrument editor
      • - Event-based effects
      • - Automatic latency compensation
      • - Advanced automation
      • - VCA faders
      • - Extended FX chains with parallel processing
      • - Intuitive MIDI mapping
      • - Responds to keyboard shortcuts from other DAWs
      • - Supports sampler formats (EXS, Kontakt, SoundFont, GigaSampler)
      • - 40+ gigs of loops, samples, one-shots, and instruments
      • Click here for a complete list of Studio One Professional features.
    • For the most up-to-date system requirements and host compatibility details, please visit the manufacturer's website
    • Mac OS X 10.11+ (64-bit only)
    • Windows 7(SP1+ platform update), Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (64-bit only)
    • 4GB RAM (8GB Recommended), 40GB hard-drive space
    Try Studio One Professional free for 14 days

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking for a summarized version of the article? Check the table below, with our selection of the 3 best rent-to-own vst plugin services

    NamePlugins IncludedCostOur Rating
    Editor’s Value Choice
    Splice Rent-to-Own
    27 plugins on offer. Including: Serum, Ozone 9, Nectar 3, Studio 1 Professional.Starts and 4.99$/month per plugin.
    Option for a free 3 day trial.
    Waves Rent-to-OwnOver 200 waves plugins to choose from.9.99$/month for 6 plugins.
    19.99$ for 13 plugins.
    29.99$ for 24 plugins.
    Landr Rent-to-OwnLethal– Synth9.99$/ month4.1/5

    It’s really fascinating when you think how easy it is today to make your own home studio and be able to make solid music with it.

    What’s more, you can even set up a mobile studio with your laptop and an audio interface and take it anywhere with you to either record or just make your music.


    It’s something that opens up new possibilities and was unimaginable back in the old days.

    What is rent to own a home

    So everything is about having a solid DAW like Ableton and some quality plugins these days.

    What’s also great is that you can even rent different plugins by using some handy services today.

    In this brief guide, we will be taking a closer look and explaining how so-called “rent-to-own” plugin services work, as well as some great products that you can get on them.

    Rent-to-own plugins

    The whole idea is to have a service and a system that will allow you to rent plugins for a certain monthly price.

    But, as the name of this concept would suggest, if you rent these plugins long enough to pay for their full price, the product (or, in some cases, a bundle of multiple products) is yours.

    It’s the same principle we see on the housing market when you rent a home for a while, see if it fits your needs, and decide if you want to keep paying for it until you pay off the full price. You can just cancel any time you want.

    What’s really useful here is that you no longer need to deal with demos and all the annoying features that come with such them.

    And you don’t have to buy a full version after 30 days only to realize that you don’t really like this product 3 months after paying the full license price.

    Is there a plugin you think will help you in your creative endeavors?

    Try and rent it for a few months and see what the full product with all of its features is like.

    If you think you’ll need the plugin in the longterm, you can keep renting it until you pay off the full price.

    If you need it for some smaller tweaks and adjustments in a few of your songs, then rent it for a month or two.

    Omnisphere® is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Top Artists all over the world rely on Omnisphere as an essential source of sonic inspiration. 9 rows  Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2 v2.3.1 UPDATE macOS dada Uploaded, Size 80.59. Omnisphere 2 mac tpb. 8 rows  Spectrasonics.Omnisphere.2.DVDR.D1-D8.-R2R-DYNAMiCS. Uploaded, Size 55.99 GiB, ULed by Anonymous: 99: 26. Omnisphere 2 – Time to Make Some Noise! Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics® – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will inspire a.

    It really is that simple.

    There are usually no extra charges and you pay around the same price in the end as you would for the plugin on the creator’s website.

    The plugins you can purchase via these services can be effects, synths, or any other different products, sometimes even entire Digital Audio Workstations.

    It’s especially useful if there’s a pricy plugin that you set your eyes on but can’t afford to pay the full price upfront. All of the best vst plugins, the ones used by the pros, are now available for anyone with a few extra dollars per month.

    With all this in mind, we’ll now go into some of the rent-to-own plugin services that you can find online.

    Splice Rent-to-own

    Splice is one of the most famous services of this kind.

    On there, you can also buy royalty-free samples, get your hands on some of the plugins in the rent-to-own section, or even buy DAWs.

    Splice can either be used in the browser or via their specialized desktop app.

    This desktop app allows you to open project files of a few different DAWs: Logic Pro, Ableton Live, GarageBand, or FL Studio.

    It also comes as an extremely useful service for collaborative projects, serving as sort of a GitHub for musicians. The rented plugins can be used in individual DAWs or within the app.

    Whether it’s plugins or any other services that they offer, you can purchase them with Splice credits. There are four pricing models for buying these credits, going from $7.99 per month up to $139.99 per year.

    At the moment, there are 27 plugins and DAWs to choose from. The list includes Ozone 9 Advanced compressor and EQ, Serum synth, Punchbox distortion and synth, and others. Some of these made our best vst synth list for 2020.

    Check out the full list here:

    Plugin NamePlugin Maker
    1. SerumXfer Records
    2. Ozone 9 AdvancediZotope
    3. VocalSynth 2iZotope
    4. Nectar 3iZotope
    5. Neutron 3 AdvancediZotope
    6. V Collection 7Arturia
    7. Studio One ProfessionalPreSonus
    8. Ozone 9 + Neutron 3 AdvancediZotope
    9. Decimort 2D16 Group
    10. MOVEMENTOutput
    11. PigmentsArturia
    12. RX 7 StandardiZotope
    13. PunchboxD16 Group
    14. Neutron 3 StandardiZotope
    15. Toraverb 2D16 Group
    16. Devastor 2D16 Group
    17. Ozone 9 StandardiZotope
    18. Ozone 9 + Neutron 3 StandardiZotope
    19. Circle²FutureAudioWorkshop
    20. ZoneAudiaire
    21. Regroover ProAccusonus
    22. ParallelsSoftube
    23. BeatformerAccusonus
    24. D16 FX BundleD16 Group
    25. NuxxAudiaire
    26. TekturonD16 Group
    27. AntresolD16 Group

    Waves Rent-to-own is a service that sells an abundance of different plugins.

    There are over 200 plugins for any kind of studio work that you need: effects, synths, distortions, even specialized professional-level guitar plugins.

    Check out the full list below:

    These plugins and different software can be bought in bundles.

    There are three basic subscription models for bundles: Flex that’s $9.99 per month, Platinum that’s $49 per month, and Mercury that’s $149 per month.

    The subscription lasts for 24 months and after you pay it off, you basically own permanent licenses for all of the plugins in the bundle.

    Of course, you can just cancel any time before the subscription period ends and you’ll be charged for the last payment at the end of the billing cycle.

    What’s really great is that there are literally hundreds of plugins to choose from.

    Platinum and Mercury have their own specific bundle of products, but with Flex, there are a few modifications that you can do and pick some of the plugins that you like.

    You can also buy different product bundles straight away if you don’t feel like taking the rent-to-own deals.

    Scratch making a living. Aside from these, Waves offer different educational courses, digital mixers, racks, and even some specialized hardware products.

    Landr Rent-to-own

    With Landr, you can try out plugins and other products for 3 days completely free of charge. But the platform is also very well-known for its different trap beats and samples and also allows collaborative projects, kind of similar to the Splice model.

    Their main plugin offer is a synth called lethal.

    This is a very versatile synthesizer plugin with around 50 GB of different sounds (with all expansions included), presets, and samples.

    The monthly rent-to-own price is $9.99 and you can stop it or cancel it at any time.

    Although it’s aimed for trap sounds, it comes really in handy for other genres as well. With Lethal, you can get any of the 24 different expansions, each specified for a certain style of music.

    These expansions, however, are charged separately.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in a good set of plugins for your music production setup can really have an impact on your sound.

    It used to be the case that the premium VSTs such as the ones sold by waves were only available for the professional studios, but fortunately along with technical innovation, plugin companies have been investing in business model innovation.

    The results are great for the bedroom producer. You can now go pro for only a few bucks a month.

    We hope this article has helped you choose a rent-to-own service.

    If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comment box below.