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I'm only 2 years late.. Still, really fun track to remix! I have just been a pile of inspiration (for once) these last couple months, and I have been on a roll with music! Also, with BronyCAN coming up, I've really been able to get a decent grasp on a theme! (in this case, Changelings! Yes, BronyCAN is Changeling themed this year. It's going to be great!)

This day aria remix download pc
Glitch Hop

Comment by User 292219097

Amazing! Listen to it everyday

Comment by User 292219097

Amazing! Listen to it everyday ❤️

Comment by Sapphirehrt

I Love it Too!

Comment by Onyx

I can't stop listening to it!

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but what they dont know is that i have fooled them aaaallll

Comment by Eren Jaeger

so cool

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Comment by Mew Two

Nice.. Getting nicer.. Screw it, this is going on my playlist.

Comment by boomaster500

I love this

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This Day Aria Remix Download Pc

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This Day Aria Remix Download Software


This Day Aria Remix Download Pc

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