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You can use Mixxx to preview the next track in headphones before the audience hears it, also known as headphone cueing. This helps you choose a track that is appropriate for the present moment and that will mix well into the currently playing track(s). To use headphone cueing, you need at least 2 separate audio outputs, typically provided. Automatically add tracks from track sources to Auto DJ: Mixxx can randomly add tracks to the Auto DJ playlist from track sources as soon as a specified minimum number of tracks remain. Select Preferences ‣ Auto DJ ‣ Enable random track addition to queue ‣ On. 3 Select Mixxx as destination service. 4 Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you 😉 Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on Mixxx. Move From YouTube to Mixxx – Video Tutorial. Alternative method to transfer playlists and tracks from YouTube to Mixxx. Mixxx includes a number of recording and broadcasting features to help you share your mixes and spread your name. Recording Record your live mixes to the lossless WAV and FLAC formats or lossy Ogg Vorbis format, with MP3 recording enabled by the separate LAME library.


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When it comes to free, open source mixing software, most musicians and DJs automatically think of Audacity, but there are some alternatives that are definitely worth checking out if you are a budding music producer.
One tool that gives Audacity a run for its money (if that phrase is applicable for open source software) is Mixxx. This flexible tool for budding DJs allows you to easily select two tracks and cross-fade between them, whilst recording the mix output in real-time. Our guide shows you exactly how.

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/dj-splitter-cable-and-djay-for-ipad.html. Using machine learning and training sets from human DJs, Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns and the best intro and outro sections of songs. Automix AI calculates optimal fade durations and automatically applies parameter changes to EQs and filters for a seamless transition. My Library New media library All your media in one placeNew in djay is an advanced library management system that is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, videos, and the Files app. Automix Automix AI The intelligent and simple mix viewLean back and automate your sets in advance with stunning transitions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Access the related download link for this article and grab the Windows installer file for Mixxx. The program is also available for OS X and Linux on the developer's homepage. Follow the normal installation procedure for your operating system to install Mixxx, once you have acquired the relevant application archive.

  • Launch Mixxx using the desktop shortcut that was added during installation. If you have never launched the application before, a prompt appears asking if you want to scan your music libraries for files that can be imported. Click Yes to continue with this operation, which may take a few minutes depending on how much music is stored on your computer.

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    Once the Mixxx music library has been updated, a list of all the available audio files you can work with is displayed. Double-click a file to preview it, or right-click a file and select 'Load in Player 1' to load it in the left hand player in Mixxx.

  • Select another track to mix it with by right-clicking a file in the library and selecting 'Load in Player 2'.

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    Click Play in either Player 1 or Player 2 to start playing the track cued in that player. Use the Volume slider and Graphic Equalizer controls for either player to modify the sound of each track until you achieve the correct balance.

  • When you are ready to start mixing, click Options on the menu bar and select Record Mix. Select a location and filename for the output file and click OK to begin. Mixx will not start recording until some music begins, so start one or both players to begin the recording.

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    The Crossfade control is the main slider in the centre of the interface, situated between the two players. Whilst both tracks are playing, you can adjust the balance of each by moving the crossfader to the left or right. The further the crossfader is to one side, the more predominant the volume of the track in that player will be.

  • Click Options and Stop Recording once you have finished mixing.

Tracks In Mixxx

Tips & Advice

  • Just like a real turntable device, Mixx supports 'Headphone Cueing', a technique used by DJs to preview the next track they want to play in their headphones before pumping it out into the live mix. This also allows you to beatmatch the current song with the next one. To route the audio from either player to the headphones, click the HEADPHONE button on either the left or the right hand side of the Mixx interface. Click the button again to disable routing to the headphones.
  • For much more info on the mixing features available in Mixx, check out the official help guide.

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