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Recorded some tracks on Garageband on the Mac; and want to transfer the file to my iOS device.

Hey guys, I'm wondering if I can somehow get the 'Flex and Flow' loops that are available on iOS onto my Mac. Is there any way I can transfer the pack to my Mac? The sounds that they have in the pack are really good and it would such a waste if it was only available on iOS. Please and thanks in advance! Jan 28, 2014  The complete course is 1 hour and 14 minutes and reviews the top 10 new features in GarageBand for Mac OS X 10.9, and how they can lead to better recordings. Introduction 1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac. Your connected iPhone appears in a Finder window sidebar under Locations. On your Mac, select the icon for your iPhone, click Files, then click the disclosure triangle for GarageBand in the Apps list. The GarageBand File Transfer folder appears. Drag the GarageBand File Transfer folder to the Finder.

You can only sync GarageBand projects from your mac to the iPad that originally have been created on your iPad. Creating a project on the iPad, then sending it to a mac, opening it on the Mac, doing some edits (but nothing that is not supported on the iPad), then upload it again to the iPad will work. But sendind a Mac-created GarageBand project to the iPad is not possible. The applications are just too different.

You can open your mp3 in GarageBand on the iPad, however. Sync it to the iPad using iTunes, so you see it in the on your iPad. All songs there can be accessed from the Loop Browser on the iPad, see: Import a song from the Music app

To sync projects between iPad and Mac use iTunes.

To send a song from the iPad to your mac as a project, share the song to iTunes > GarageBand.


Sync your iPad with your computer.

In iTunes, the exported song appears in the Documents list in the File Sharing area when GarageBand is selected.

To send the project back to the iPad, add it to garageBand's Documents list in iTunes.

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Ios Garageband To Mac

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