Troubshooting Installing Teamviewer With Mac Os 10. 10. 5

Mar 21, 2015  I have a new Mac (Mac OS X 10.8.5) (purchased within the last 3 weeks) with Teamviewer 8 and have had no issues connecting the Mac to a PC until recently. Re: How to install TeamViewer 7 on Mac OS X 10.5.8? Hii friend, 1)go to the apps store or visit any software downloading sites to download the team viewer for your mac 2)after downloading go to the place where your downloaded file saved.

TeamViewer for Mac is the complete solution for establishing remote connections, desktop sharing, and remote management. Teamviewer is often used as a remote desktop management software at the industrial level as well as at the personal level to manage remote machines.
The main advantage of using this software is Teamviewer is easy to install, easy mac download for TeamViewer and easy uses for the even novice users. Below are the steps on how to:

Download TeamViewer for mac OS:

  • Go toDownload TeamViewer page.
  • The below window will appear.Click on Download TeamViewer.
  • Locate the downloaded file TeamViewer.dmg and double-click to mount the disk image or .dmg file. The downloaded file should mostly be in your Downloads folder.
  • The TeamViewer window will appear prompting you to Click on the icon. Click on Install TeamViewer icon.
  • Next, the Install TeamViewer window will appear as shown below.
  • Click on Continue. It will show you License agreement window. You can review the policies here. If you want to continue, then click on Agree.

Troubleshooting Installing Teamviewer With Mac Os 10. 10. 50

  • Next the Installation Type window will appear. If you wish to change the location of your download you can change here by clicking on Change Install Location as shown in below window. Then click on Install button.
  • Then, a window will prompt asking you to enter username and password of your Mac with administrative privilege. Then, Click Install software.
  • On Completion of the installation, the below window appears.Now click on Done button at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, Initial Setup window shows-up.Click on Continue.
  • Then, you can either set your password for accessing your device remotely by entering the Password in the below window and clicking on Continue or you can click on Skip button.
  • Once Initial Setup is complete click on Finish button.
  • Next, the TeamViewer window will open-up displaying your ID and Password.Now you can proceed on working with TeamViewer.

Already more than 100,000,000 users from different countries are using TeamViewer, now it’s your turn to start!!!

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