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Aria 2 Mac
  • 集成aria2c
  • 多线程下载
  • 未完成任务退出自动保存
  • 支持网盘的aria2导出(需要浏览器插件支持)
  • 支持PT/BT
  • 在Badge显示整体下载速度
  • 任务完成通知


  • 解压后拖到应用里面运行即可


Aug 24, 2017 Making a CRAZY Custom Guitar - the Most Complex electric Guitar Ever? Super Edit pt 2 - Duration: 25:56. Crimson Custom Guitars Recommended for you. Oct 12, 2019 aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform download utility operated in command-line. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2/aria2. ARIA for Mac. Free to try Digital 1. Aria is the ultimate media player for MAC and Windows PC's. Aria is for people who want to do more with their media. Aria features three modes: The DJ (disc. Double cutaway design, carved body top and rich variation of pickup selection made Aria MAC-Series a longtime seller. MAC-STD has all of those features,and been played in numerous sessions. MAC-STD will be the first guitar for entry guitarist, and also, the first choice for seasoned guitarist. Aug 28, 2018 The Aria 2 works seamlessly with the Fitbit app, and if you where a Fitbit fitness tracker, all of that data provides a full picture of your health, much like the data that the Body+ and Nokia Health mate app share with Apple Health does. While I'd still recommend the Body+ for most people, Fitbit users should definitely pick up the Aria 2.

Aria2 Mac Configuration

  • 使用Chrome浏览器可配合YAAW-for-Chrome插件接管浏览器的所有下载到aria2
  • 使用Safari浏览器可配合safari2aria插件接管浏览器的所有下载到aria2
  • 导出插件:百度网盘,115网盘,迅雷离线
  • 网盘插件里面的User-Agent优先级高于客户端,所以修改客户端里面User-Agent不会影响导出下载的速度,默认伪装成Transmission/2.77是为了支持BT/PT
  • max-connections-per-server(线程数)初始值16,上限256,split初始值16,提高max-connections-per-server的值 split最好也相应的提高,如果是旧的苹果机型(机械硬盘),线程数请维持默认值,过高的线程数可能导致软件或者网络设置奔溃,如果是新的苹果机型(固态硬盘) ,可以尝试提高线程数以获取更理想的下载速度, 新加入max-tries retry-wait两个启动项
  • 百度网盘对于插件进行了某些限制,不登陆的情况直接报header错误,登录后第一次会弹验证码之后就正常了,会员暂时没发现有什么限制,具体参考



Aria Pro 2 Mac Series

Manual Installation

在 Releases 页面中下载对应版本的压缩包并解压后,将 移动到 /Applications 中。

Homebrew Installation

首先你的系统中需要安装 Homebrew,其次执行以下命令。

/how-to-split-tracks-in-garageband-ipad.html. Choose a location for saving your files, and click the Export button.

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Aria2 Mac Download

Aria2GUI is licensed under MIT License