Aria Of The Soul Smash Download

  1. Aria Of The Soul Smash Download Free
  2. Aria Of The Soul Smash Download Free

New Arrangement of 'Aria Of The Soul' (Velvet Room theme) from the Persona series on Super Smash Bros Ultimate's OST

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Music - Smash Custom Music Archive. A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) Sound Mod in the Music category, submitted by NovaTach. Replaces Last Surprise or Aria of the Soul on the Mementos stage with. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Aria of the Soul. Theme of the velvet room from the shin megami tensei Persona series for Cello and Piano duet.


Comment by DDDEVIL

daaam i finally faund it

Comment by あきら 🐺🐯


Comment by RetroMaster372

This note makes me wanna nut- i . i mean sacrafice and fuse my personas

Comment by TELEFONEMAST2005

Aria Of The Soul Smash Download Free

*Igor grooves in the background*

Comment by Patrick Macias

@commentator-chris how

Comment by Erathcam24 16

I wish it switched to the p3 stage when this song played

Comment by Kanye Stevens

Lol i can see her tiddy

Comment by PO-Frisk (Agent 8)

@ivan-sanchez-213166222 ikr


Comment by TIREDCRABMLG gamer

@commentator-chris wait what are ya talking about?

Comment by Mariojoey22

@neco-the-rohan-guy yeah that statement didnt hold up. hes top tier

Aria Of The Soul Smash Download Free

Comment by neco

tbh joker is great but in smash he was kinda “eh”, but damn he brought some great ass tracks!

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Comment by Frost Bite Gamer

I wish this was the original aria of the soul

Comment by Hugo Perez


Comment by Evelyn Looi

'Welcome to the Velvet Room.'

Comment by Reese

its gud.

Comment by Commentator Chris

Best remix of this song, even better than Electro and Hym of the soul

Comment by Heath Ceccato

Awesome guitar lead. Like the melody. Looks like your low end is eating your volume.

Comment by Ivan Sanchez

@greenlight-xd He deserved it

Comment by GreenLight XD

my friend said this song sucked cause of the source material I had to 3 stock next game

Comment by Fluffy Mistake

This slaps