Can I Use Scratch Live With Numark M6

The original and unrivaled vinyl emulation software for professional DJs.

Scratch Live is vinyl emulation software that operates exclusively with Rane hardware.

Mix and scratch digital music on your computer with Serato Control Vinyl or Control CDs.

We've been hard at work making Serato DJ Pro the best DJ software on the planet. The Scratch Live workflow has been maintained with increased stability and brand new features to refine your performance.

Feb 07, 2012  Mix Power For The Professional DJ When you need a simple-to-use mixer packed with expanded functionality that you can rely on night after night, look no further than Numark’s M6 USB, M6 USB is a four-channel DJ mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in Numark style.


The free upgrade is for Serato DJ Pro Enabled hardware only and is not transferable to Serato DJ Pro Upgrade Ready hardware.

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Download v2.5

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Can I Use Scratch Live With Numark M6 2

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Can I Use Scratch Live With Numark M6 On Youtube

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