How To Download Garageband Into External Hard Drive

How to download garageband into external hard drive enclosure
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Dec 25, 2019  How to Back up iPad Files to External Hard Drive Step 1. Connect the iPad and the external hard drive to the PC First of all, use USB cables to connect both your iPad and the external hard drive to the PC. Run dr.fone and select 'Phone Manager'. When your iPad is connected, it will show up in the primary window of the wondershare TunesGo. Apr 16, 2011  I just have a couple questions if anyone has the time to answer them. If I'm using a firewire 800 external drive to RECORD my audio onto (i have my garageband folder there) would it also be a good idea workflow-wise to add sound libraries and loops from garageband to the external as well.

Bavanandan wrote:

How do I copy GarageBand (iLife '09) projects from my iMac 2009 to an external hard drive? [..]

I thought I could simply go into Music > GarageBand and then grab that folder which contains all the projects, but it doesn't work..!

that is what you would do (or just drag the single project to the HD)

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the issue is that you are using such an old version of GB, that Logic can't open its projects.

get the latest version of GB (10.2.x), open the project with that, and you'll be asked to save a copy; in your case, save that to your external HD and LPX should be able top open it.

Dec 7, 2017 3:52 AM

How To Download Garageband Into External Hard Drive Best Buy

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Just copy all the loops to the external drive, and then make an alias of that folder and put it back into where the main app is?
Seems easier than going through all that stuff..:)
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How To Download Garageband Into External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Install GarageBand on an external drive Install GarageBand on an external drive

If you go to VersionTracker and search for Dhos_Garage, you will find a tool that will do all the work of installing GarageBand on another drive.

I actually done that after I installed GarageBand .. except I used a Symlink instead of an Alias. I'm not sure if an Alias would work but GarageBand did use the contents from the external drive. The actual program was on the primary harddrive but the light on the external hard drive was going off so I knew it was pulling assetts from the external instead of looking for them on the internal.
Although, if you have less than 1.2GB of hard drive space before installing GarageBand, my post wouldn't be of help. That's where MacFandango's hint comes in if you have less than 1.2 GB of hard drive space on the bootable hard drive. So I guess his hint is useful for that purpose.

Hi there,
Do you have another way to break this? i have tried copy GBand to my External HD using Pacifist...but no success..doesn't work..
any suggestions will be much appreciated
thanks in advance