How To Download More Loops For Garageband

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Whether you’re just keeping track of ideas or putting together fully fledged projects, there’s no better way to create music on the go than with Garageband for iOS.

If like me you’ve all but exhausted the existing loops that come pre packaged with Garageband through hours of experimentation and recording, adding new sounds is definitely something you’ll want to do.


Trouble is, Apple haven’t exactly made it obvious HOW to add new loops to your mobile library…

PHATmatik PRO is a unique audio loop instrument. It allows you to break an audio file into rhythmic slices and manipulate them individually by applying filter, pitch and volume modulation. Additionally, each slice is automatically mapped to a separate note on your MIDI keyboard to be played as you will. MAC OS X: pHATmatik PRO for Mac OS X doesn’t use the custom file browser, but rather the excellent standard Mac OS X Navigation Services File Dialogs. The file button toggles the file browser open. Izotope phatmatik pro mac os x. PHATmatik PRO is a software loop manipulation tool for music and sound design. Users can import multiple audio file formats, slice and adjust looping points and apply tempo, pitch, filters. Aug 01, 2006  Cambridge, MA – IZOTOPE, INC. Is proud to announce the acquisition of the iDrum and pHATmatik PRO virtual instruments from creator Art Gillespie. PHATmatik PRO provides unique loop manipulation features for performance and editing, and iDrum combines the fun and simplicity of hardware drum machines with the flexibility of software.

Aug 22, 2019 Apple Loops in GarageBand on iPad and iPhone Browsing and downloading loops. If you use GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, you can browse through and download Apple Loops there just as easily. Pop open GarageBand and create a new song or open an existing one. Then, do the following to get your loops. 1) Tap the Loop Browser button on the top right. Aug 08, 2013  Yes MainStage costs a few quid (a pittance for what it is, and it may be of no use to you if you don’t play live) but with that you can then download all the JamPacks that used to cost as much each as one copy of MainStage, as well as more complete collections of the HipHop, R&B, Dubstep, House etc. Loops that come with GarageBand 10, and a. Garageband free download - GarageBand, Apple GarageBand, ExpansionPack for GarageBand, and many more programs.

How To Download More Loops For Garageband Mac

In the video below, I walk you through how you can quickly add new loops to Garageband, so you can get right back to doing what you do best – creating awesome music on your iDevice!

Garageband Loops Download Apple

Check it out:

How To Download More Loops For Garageband Free

If this video inspired you to get out there and grab some new loops for use in Garageband iOS, i’d recommend checking out They’ve always got great sales and discounts and allow new users to download a huge amount of FREE loops. You can find out more here.