How To Map Mixxx

  1. How To Map Mixar Duo Mk2

Users of Hercules products on Windows and OSX have had functional drivers available from Hercules Website for a long time, and can use the mappings already shipped with the current versions of Mixxx.

Under Linux, there are three options, depending on the controller that you use: Kernel module, user-mode driver or HID mapping.

Mixxx mapping for Novation Launchpad 🦄. With it you can map multiple presets in multiple layouts on the main grid. The main grid is the inner 8×8 grid on the Launchpad. You have to memorize the layout patterns, but don't worry, there are only 4 of them. Jun 04, 2013  When you use Mixxx dj mixer software one can fade in and out of music easily. For any internet radio show its the best free dj software for beginners on the internet. Visit my blog to learn more. Pioneer DDJ-SR MIDI Mapping for Mixxx Description. This is my attempt at mapping the Pioneer DDJ-SR for Mixxx. This was originally written for Mixxx v1.11.0, but I'm in the process of updating it to Mixxx 2.0 as of January 2017.

On Feb 16, 2009 - Hercules released GPL Linux MIDI drivers for their Hercules series of DJ midi controller devices. In response to this wonderful development, the Mixxx team released an updated build of Mixxx for Linux - 1.6.1+Herc. Thanks go out to Hercules for supporting their Linux users!

Later on, the development halted and newer Linux versions broke the support. From then on, other community member have been keeping it in working condition. Check out more information in the Hercules Linux kernel module page.

Aside of the kernel driver, there is an user-mode driver which supports a different set of controllers

Since of Mixxx 1.11 some of the Hercules devices including the Dj Console Mk2 and Mk1 can be used as HID devices under Linux without the need for the special Hercules driver.

How To Map Mixar Duo Mk2

In order to use a HID device in Linux you must have read and write permission to the hid devices see details at this page:

If you want more information, you can read on these threads in the forum:

The deck selector is an essential feature of this Launchpad mapping. With it you can map multiple presets in multiple layouts on the main grid. The main grid is the inner 8×8 grid on the Launchpad. You have to memorize the layout patterns, but don't worry, there are only 4 of them.

To select a single channel, simply press the button corresponding to the channel. This will remove all existing selections, and find the largest default preset that can be fit on the main grid.

Presets come in 3 different sizes: short (4×4), tall (4×8) and grande (8×8)<sup>1</sup>. Multiple presets can have the same size, but only one preset can be default per size.

To select multiple channels to be laid out, press the corresponding buttons in a chord. This way you can select to 4 channels.

So what is a chord? In a chord you press buttons so you only release the first after you pressed the last one. The order of presses matter, however the order of releases does not. Now, instead of writing down how the exact layout algorithm works, I just show you the four different layouts that is generated for 1 (single channel), 2, 3 and 4 note chords. Once more the algorithm will fill out the spaces with the largest default preset.

This means that e.g. if you press down D3-D2-S1 in this chord sequence, - D3 will be mapped to block 1 with the default tall preset, - D2 will be mapped to block 2 with the default short preset and - S1 will be mapped to block 3 with the default short preset.

Now you might ask: “But what if I don't want to use the largest default preset?”

After a channel has been laid out you can cycle between all the presets that can fit into its space. This won't reflow the layout, even if you end up using a smaller preset. To cycle between presets - press Ctrl + Channel Selector to cycle forward, - press Shift + Channel Selector to cycle backward or - press Ctrl + Shift + Channel Selector to revert to default.

The cycling order is the following: - primary: large to small - secondary: default then all others in fixed but not specified order.

See, not that complicated after all. Let's see the actual presets that are featured out of the box:

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How to map mixar duo mk2
grandeGRANDE is currently the only grande layout.
tall TALL is the default tall layout. JUGGLER is a tall layout optimized for beat jumping.
short SHORT is the default short layout. SAMPLER is an all-cue short layout for samplers.

<sup>1</sup> No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.