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Apr 06, 2020  Stream iZotope Iris 2: Demo Content Sound Examples, a playlist by iZotope, Inc. From desktop or your mobile device.

This track showcases a few sample sounds from the Iris Voice Library. The Voice Sound Library melds the world of incredible spectral manipulation with the most powerful instrument there is—the human voice. Edit pre recorded audio on garageband mac. With growling leads, ethereal choirs, percussive and beatboxing effects, indie pop-style vocal pads, and much more, Voice is dark, ominous, cheery and wonderfully musical all at the same time. Breathe a human element into your synthetic stylings with Voice. Unearth a world of sounds you've never heard before. Driven by iZotope's award-winning visual selection technology, iZotope Iris™ is a groundbreaking sample-based synthesizer that harnesses the power of both your eyes and your ears. Fuel your creativity with Iris's new spin on sound design: a 'visual instrument' that's perfect for musical inspiration and sonic experimentation. Download the 10-day free trial: www.izotope.com/iris

Izotope Iris Download Library Software