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IZotope Iris is an unprecedented sampling re-synthesizer which will allow you to create sounds. To begin producing fresh music, start by dissecting up to three distinctive audio samples, using iZotope Iris' spectrogram display and easy selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics. This Mac application was originally created by iZotope, Inc. The application's installer is commonly called izotopeirisv100.dmg. The program lies within Audio & Video Tools, more precisely Music Production. This application is developed for Mac OS X 10.5 or later. The unique identifier for this app's bundle is com.izotope.audioapps.iris.

iZotope, Inc. is an audio technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. iZotope develops professional audio software for audio recording, mixing, broadcast, sound design, and mastering which can be used in wide range of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) programs. In addition, iZotope creates and licenses audio DSP technology including noise reduction, sample rate conversion, dithering, time stretching, and audio enhancement to hardware and software companies in the consumer and pro audio industries.

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Product nameRelease dateDescription
Alloy 2August 14, 2012[1]channel strip plugin with EQ, Transient Shaper, Dynamics, Exciter, Limiter, and De-Esser
ANR-BMay 10, 2007[2]iZotope's only hardware unit — adaptive realtime noise reduction for broadcast audio
BreakTweakerJanuary 23, 2014[3]drum sculpting and beat sequencing machine that blurs the line between rhythm and melody
DDLY Dynamic DelayFebruary 9, 2016[4]responds to track musical dynamics to create unique delays
InsightNovember 13, 2012[5]CALM Act compliant essential metering suite
Iris 2November 19, 2014[6]spectral sampling re-synthesizer featuring spectral selection tools
NectarNovember, 2010[7]vocal production suite
Nectar 2October 18, 2013[8]
Nectar 3October 16, 2018
NeutronOctober 5, 2016[9]audio mixing plug-in suite including advanced analysis and metering
Neutron 2October 5, 2017[10]
Neutron 3June 6, 2019[11]
Ozone 7November 3, 2015[12]mastering suite with equalizer and dynamic eq, dynamics processing, exciter, spectral shaping processor, imager, maximizer, track referencing system and mastering assistant
Ozone 8October 5, 2017[10]
Ozone 9October 3, 2019[13]
RX 6April 20, 2017[14]audio restoration suite
RX 7September 13, 2018
Stutter EditJanuary 13, 2011[15]sample stutter effects and slicing
Tonal Balance ControlOctober 5, 2017[10]visual analysis tool measuring the distribution of energy across frequency spectrum, comparing audio to program-specific or custom-created targets
Trash 2November 19, 2012[16]64-bit modeling of guitar amplifiers, distortions, delays and filters
VinylFebruary 1, 2001[17]record simulation and lo-fi effect

Mobile applications[edit]

  • Spire — iOS recording app
  • iDrum and iDrum Mobile (acquired on December 4, 2006)[18] — virtual drum machine[19]
  • Music and Speech Cleaner — audio cleanup and enhancement suite[20]
  • Sonifi — mobile remix mobile application developed by Sonik Architects[21]
  • The T-Pain Effect (released July 20, 2011)[22] — beat and vocal recording software with pitch correction

Third-party plugins[edit]

  • Ozone Maximizer Rack Extension (released June 14, 2012)[23] for Reason — Reason 6.5 Rack Extension
  • Mastering Essentials (released January 20, 2012)[24] for Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 6
  • Radius (released May 19, 2006)[25] — world-class time stretching and pitch shifting for Logic Pro and SoundTrack Pro

Discontinued products[edit]

  • Ozone MP — analog modeled audio enhancement for Winamp and Windows Media Player
  • pHATmatik PRO[26] — loop-based sampler
  • PhotonShow — photo slideshow software
  • PhotonTV — photo slideshow software
  • Spectron (released March 6, 2003)[27] — 64-bit spectral effects processor[28]

Compatible software[edit]

iZotope's software can be used with Pro Tools, Apple's Logic Pro and GarageBand, Cakewalk SONAR, Nuendo, Digital Performer, WaveLab, Adobe Audition, Magix VEGAS, Reaper, FL Studio, Ableton Live etc.


Izotope recently launched an iPhone-driven physical recording device competing with Zoom and Tascam, branded Spire Studio. It works wirelessly with the Spire IOS app and includes 4Gb of storage and XLR/TS ports for instrument jacks and mics in addition to the on board, internal mic. It is small, portable and not rack mounted and appears to be targeted to smaller bands and single musicians as well as home studios, as well as the podcasting and meeting sectors.



iZotope has recently branched out its business to include software and technology licensing after ten years of developing audio processing algorithms and tools for their own software. iZotope offers development of technology for Mac and Windows platforms, Mobile, Video Game, and Embedded DSP. Clients have included Sony, Adobe, Xbox, Harmonix,[29]Smule, Sonoma Wire Works, and most recently, Blue Microphones.[30] Algorithms are delivered as a plugin or SDK for easy implementation. To date, iZotope technology has shipped in nearly 68 million products worldwide.[31]

Izotope Iris Tutorial

Licensed technologies[edit]


iZotope has audio technology readily available in the form of VST, DirectX, AudioUnits, RTAS or AudioSuite plug-ins. Typical uses for licensed technology for Mac or PC applications include audio finalizing, music production, audio for video, presentation audio, metering to address broadcast loudness standards, and media playback. Categories of available licensed technologies include audio enhancement, voice enhancement, audio repair tools, creative tools, DJ tools, audiophile tools, time manipulation and audio for video.

Video Games[33]

iZotope has developed plugins for use directly in Audiokinetic WWise for audio enhancement, voice effects occlusion and room modeling. In addition, iZotope has developed sound design tools and special effects for sound designers using the FMOD middleware engine. For middleware engines supporting XAudio and Multistream formats, iZotope has a collection of licensable DSP for use in music related games or karaoke.

Mobile SDKs[34]
  • Core FX
  • Audio Repair
  • DJ FX
  • Vocal FX
  • Trash FX
  • Fun FX

Noise reduction DSP is available for use in hardware using Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin processors. In 2012, iZotope embedded Adaptive Noise Reduction and Keyboard Click Reduction technologies on Blue Microphones' Tiki USB Mic.[36]

/djay-pro-use-spotify-offline.html. You can also locate the locally stored folder by clicking the search icon next to the song. When all added tracks are converted successfully, you can hit the 'History' icon to check the list and visit.

  • Omega — realtime time and pitch control
  • Radius — natural time stretching technology. Integrated into Digidesign's Pro Tools Elastic Time as well as Cakewalk SONAR. Available as a plug-in for Apple Logic Pro.
  • SRC — 64-bit sample rate conversion.

Izotope Iris Download

Notable licensing partners[edit]

Mac and PCVideo gamesMobile
  • Acoustica (Mixcraft)
  • Sony (Soundforge, ACID)
  • Avid (Pro Tools 10)
  • Adobe (Audition)
  • Serato (DJFX)
  • Image-Line (FL Studio)
  • Telestream (Screenflow)
  • Prism Sound (SADiE 6)
  • Akai (MPC Studio, Renaissance)
  • Audiofile Engineering (Fidelia, Triumph)
  • Cakewalk (Sonar X1)
  • Grass Valley (Edius)
  • Techsmith (Camtasia Studio)
  • Audio Hijack (Rogue Amoeba)
  • Microsoft (Halo 4, Forza 4, Forza Horizon)
  • Ubisoft (Michael Jackson: The Experience)
  • Harmonix (Rockband 3)
  • Capcom (Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Resistance)
  • Smule (I Am T-Pain)
  • Sonoma Wireworks (GuitarTone)
  • Audiofile Engineering (FIRe 2)
  • Harmonix (VidRhythm)
  • Seven45 Studios (Soulo Karaoke)

Artist references[edit]

  • iZotope receives credit from Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails on the album credits of Year Zero.[37]
  • American record producer Just Blaze mentions using Ozone on his latest project with Jay-Z.[38]
  • Rock band from the US Garbage refers using Stutter Edit, Ozone, and Trash.[39]
  • American DJ Skrillex discusses about using Ozone on his tracks.[40]

Awards and accolades[edit]

  • Emmy Award Technology & Engineering Emmy (2013) — RX 2[41]


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