Lee Scratch Perry Subatomic Sound System Live

Check out the full 40 minute video of Lee “Scratch” Perry & Subatomic Sound System (or edits of the songs Black Ark Vampires, I am a Madman, Dread Lion, and Happy Birthday) at the KEXP radio studios in Seattle performing in their unique style juxtaposing live instruments and sound system dub mixing. Scratch & the Subatomic crew with Emch on the mix & melodica, Larry McDonald on percussion, and Troy on sax stopped by during the Dub Champions Festival tour after a sold out Super Ape 40th anniversary album performance in Seattle Sept 17, 2016.
photo by NataWorry

Lee Scratch Perry Subatomic Sound System Live

In fall 2008, Subatomic Sound System garnered international attention for a limited edition vinyl 12″ featuring their collaboration with Vienna’s Dubblestandart and dub reggae inventor Lee “Scratch” Perry, releasing the first songs from Perry in the dubstep genre, one of the first recorded examples of a tangible connection between the. Brought to you by the same Subatomic Sound System lineup as on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s acclaimed “Super Ape Returns To Conquer” album. A hit tune live for many years on Subatomic tours, every selector needs a tune like this in their record box to let the competition know they are the boss! Nov 10, 2017  Standing in the audience for Lee 'Scratch' Perry's sold-out show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago, one of the eight-stops on his tour to promote the Super Ape Returns to.

Lee Scratch Perry Subatomic Sound System Live Streaming

We perform four songs and you can check each song individually below: Our new single Black Ark Vampires, Perry’s classic I am a Madman with an Ethiopian jazz twist, Dread Lion because we are on the 40th anniversary Super Ape album tour, and Lee’s favorite song Happy Birthday dubwise in honor of it also being Scratch’s 80th birthday tour.
I am A Madman

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Black Ark Vampires
(Check out the Black Ark Vampires EP on digital and vinyl)

Dread Lion


Happy Birthday

Lee Scratch Perry Subatomic Sound System Live Stream

Short documentary from Great Big Story about Lee “Scratch” Perry & Subatomic Sound System with more about the Super Ape tour and how they developed this unique live performance style.