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TeamViewer for Mac Establish incoming and outgoing connections between devices. Real-time remote access and support. Collaborate online, participate in meetings, and chat with others. Start using TeamViewer for free immediately after downloading. Nov 04, 2013  No actual version did help, not even TeamViewer QS. I reinstalled it, wiped all traces (caches, prefs.) and reinstalled it. Waiting for a fix. Concering connection problems: i have another Mac with a working TeamViewer. With this one i can connect to other iMac's running Mavericks, but no MacBook Pro. Really weird. If your Mac is connected to a network account server, anyone with an account on that server can share your screen using their network user name and password. See Join your Mac to a network account server. Only these users: Screen sharing is restricted to specific users. R/teamviewer: Cross-platform remote desktop access for PC to PC, mobile to PC, and PC to mobile connections that support Windows, Mac OS, Linux.


Teamviewer Connect To Computer

Can’t Boot after uninstalling Teamviewer on Mac OS Catalina


Ran into this problem on a few macs. The scenario is that you've uninstalled teamviewer on macOS catalina and now your mac won't boot. Instead it give you an error that reads: 'Unrecoverable Error. SecurityAgent was unable to create requested mechanism TeamViewerAuthPlugin:Start.
Basically it's a file that the OS is looking for to boot and it can't find it. Solution below:

UPDATE! 3/01/20
The simplest fix:
AuthDB Removal:
  • Start into macOS Recovery by holding down Cmd-R when booting before the chime until the apple logo.
  • Open Disk Utility -- found in the upper utility menu option.
  • Check the left source list for the name of your disk. For Macs running Catalina it is the Disk that does not end in '- Data'. It's usually 'Macintosh HD.'
  • Click to select the disk in the sidebar.
  • Click the 'Mount' button in the upper right. If you see the word 'unmount' skip this step.
  • Quit Disk Utility.
  • From the top menu bar click Utilities > Terminal.
  • Enter the command and hit return: rm '/Volumes/<your disk>/var/db/auth.db'
    • ​NOTE** There is a space after rm
    • NOTE** Replace <your disk> with the name of your hard disk from the earlier step.​ Eg. rm '/Volumes/Macintosh HD/var/db/auth.db'​
    • NOTE** once you enter the command hit return to submit the command.
    • NOTE** if the terminal returns down waiting for a new command, it's successful.
  • Restart.
  • ​If you receive an error review the steps carefully again, or call us for assistance.

OLD FIX - Replace the Plugin.
The Fix Option 1 - Target Disk Mode:
  • Requires a Thunderbolt cable to connect two macs together.
  • Get another mac that is not the broken one, duh.
  • Download the file you need to replace here.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Boot the broken mac to target disk mode by holding the T key during boot, until you see the thunderbolt Icon on the screen.
  • Connect both macs together via thunderbolt, the broken mac's hard drive will show up as an external HD.
  • In the Finder, from the root of the broken mac's hard drive navigate to: /Library/Security/SecurityAgentPlugins/
  • Paste in the file you downloaded above.
  • Restart the broken mac.
  • Done. Hooray.

The Fix Option 2 - USB Thumb Stick & Terminal Command:
  • Download the file you need to replace here.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Copy the file to a USB Thumb Drive.
  • Name the USB drive: fixit
  • Connect the USB to your broken mac.
  • Boot your broken Mac while holding Command+R until you see the Apple logo.
  • In the upper menu click utilities, then select terminal.
  • Type the following command and hit return: ls /Volumes/
  • This command lists the attached volumes. Make a note of the drive name for the internal hard drive.
  • Enter the terminal command and hit return: cp -r /Volumes/fixit/TeamViewerAuthPlugin.bundle /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Security/SecurityAgentPlugins/
  • Click the apple in the upper left and select restart.
  • Done. Hoory.

​You're welcome.
1/16/2020 03:19:38 pm

I tried your Option 2. After going to the terminal and entering Is /Volumes/ it just said file not found which seemed odd. So I entered the cp -r /Volumes/fixit/TeamViewerAuthPlugin.bundle /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Security/SecurityAgentPlugins/ and restarted but got the same error. I'm getting 'the file I need' on another mac, saving it to a thumb drive, then using an adapter to connect it to the mini usb on my broken computer. Could this be a problem. Frustrated and perplexed.

2/10/2020 12:00:51 pm

I have the same problem

3/9/2020 11:15:57 am

Go with the updated steps, see above
UPDATE! 2/10/20
There is a simpler fix than the one detailed below. We'll lay it out here:
FIX - AuthDB Removal:
with the only remark that to boot into recovery, switch off your Mac, then press and hold keys [command] and [R] and switch on your Mac (keep the two keys pressed until the apple logo appears, the you can release them). The ret of the steps should be straight-forward.

1/20/2020 09:42:46 am

Agh, I cant even find the Terminal command.
Can you publish a picture where it should be.
I searched every drop down menu..

1/26/2020 07:15:46 am

Thank you !! It helped me

1/29/2020 06:55:18 am

I used option 1, many, many thanks this worked perfectly. How do I manage to uninstall Teamviewer permanantly? The reason beoing I have heard of some scams using it to hack into computers.

3/9/2020 09:39:29 am

I can’t do that :( can you help me please???

3/9/2020 11:17:41 am

Go with the updated steps, see above
UPDATE! 2/10/20
There is a simpler fix than the one detailed below. We'll lay it out here:
FIX - AuthDB Removal:
with the only remark that to boot into recovery, first switch off your Mac, then press and hold keys [command] and [R] and switch on your Mac (keep the two keys pressed until the apple logo appears, the you can release them). The rest of the steps should be straight-forward.

2/1/2020 05:21:59 am

I have this message
How do I know it is ok?
I've tried to restart it but I still have the error :( I've tried so many times to type the code.

2/15/2020 07:14:50 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was pulling my hair out, but now all is well. I can’t thank you enough for the fix using the Terminal command.

2/17/2020 02:22:12 pm

Thanx so much! It worked for another lost file mkauthplugin:prelogin. My son unplugged a flight simulator joy stick?? and the message came up!

2/24/2020 02:04:07 am

I’ve tried command R and many other key combinations I’ve seen in online discussion groups. Nothing I do gets rid of the black screen and unrecoverable error message. I would love to try your solution but I can’t get into recovery mode. Any thoughts?

2/24/2020 10:44:42 am

Awesome it’s working

3/6/2020 06:38:30 am

The new solution
UPDATE! 2/10/20
FIX - AuthDB Removal:
worked like a charm right away. Kudos to you, brothers and/or sisters :)
PS: all this after a long session with Apple Support involving a 2nd-line 'senior advisor' who could only give me the standard incompetency-proving solution of 'wipe&reinstall macOS'.. pff.

3/13/2020 10:37:35 pm

Hi i tried your updated fix posted below for the Teamviewer reboot error. I was successful up until the step to enter command: rm '/Volumes/<your disk>/var/db/auth.db'
I get “no such file or directory”.
I’ve verified name of my HD is the same: Macintosh HD.
Please help!

3/26/2020 03:31:48 pm

I have excatly the same, how did
You fix it in the end?

3/27/2020 11:14:30 am

same 😥

3/27/2020 11:47:19 am

It is: rm(space) And then “/Volumes.. etc. And you need to leave a space in between Macintosh And HD also. And still use the “”

3/15/2020 12:28:55 pm

You saved my life. Option 1 worked also in High Sierra.

3/23/2020 02:30:54 am

Help! It doesn't work on my mac. I have always ' No such file or directory' answer .

3/23/2020 02:48:33 am

Ok, I get it! I've tried a few usb format and it's working :)

3/26/2020 03:21:27 pm

I have the same! How did you fixed

3/28/2020 07:01:25 pm

Muchas Gracias!!! U save my life!!! Thx!!!
Just one comment: between rm and “ there is a space!!!

3/29/2020 10:52:34 am

This fucking teamviewer broke my macbook pro

4/3/2020 01:59:02 am

Thank you!! It worked with the disk name name as ../“Macintosh HD”/..

4/3/2020 02:09:35 am

I love you

4/6/2020 02:20:54 pm

The first one worked you just have to type it in correctly!
Thank you ,weight is off my shoulders!

4/14/2020 07:17:52 am

• there is a ' at the end of the command
• there is a <space> between rm and '
UPDATE! 3/01/20
The simplest fix:
AuthDB Removal:
Worked perfect after a few typos, thanks so much!
I just wonder why in this solution the disk name would be 'Macintosh HD' while in the next (both in Terminal) it should be 'MacintoshHD'?! For me it worked with (the originally given) 'Macintosh HD'.

4/17/2020 02:29:43 am

Teamviewer 10 gratis mac. Ahhhh thank you so much!

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