Mixmeister Ez Vinyl Converter Manual

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  2. Mixmeister Ez Vinyl Converter Manual Pdf
Ez vinyl converter manual

Ion Usb Turntable

purchased a Numark turntable TTUSB - manual shows v.5.1 - now finally wanting to use it after about 5 years of not even turning it on. PROBLEM - have Windows 8.1 - installed cd .software and the EZ vinyl converter won't work without latest ITunes which I downloaded. Also downloaded the supposed latest EZ version. Message comes up with -'will not work on my computer and to get back to the software company'. ITunes also not getting into the EZ program. I have finally retired and want to get my lp's to cd without having to buy new equipment. Numark unable to help as do not have original date of purchase (OVER 5 years ago) and cannot register.

Mixmeister Ez Vinyl Converter Manual Pdf

Mixmeister ez vinyl converter manual download

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