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Mixxx Xml File Location

In the image: Many color shemes

Mixxx Brought to you by: adamd, gamegod, kenand, rryan, tuehaste. This project can now be found here. Files Reviews Support Wiki. Mixxx uses a well defined XML format to store its MIDI mappings. It is easy to learn the basics of XML so you can edit Mixxx mappings. If you know HTML, the language that is used to define web pages, that will help because XML is very similar. XML is a language for describing data.

In the image: Overall features

🔴DARK METAL Skin Features:

Izotope rx 7 gsm. Jul 01, 2017  It is common to find recordings mired by GSM cell phone interference—a “dit dit dit” or buzzing sound from the RF transmission that can creep into analog circuits. The De-Click module in iZotope’s RX audio noise reduction software has a preset.

  1. 100% Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) - 100% Quality lossless graphics - Not even one bitmat anywhere.
  2. Fully resizable - Small screen users can use it too - All elements must fit nicely in all resolutions. Please note that If your resolution is too small, some racks (rows) may overlap, but even so you still can disable their visibility (there are lots of buttons, in the top bar, for that. These buttons are always visible, no matter what, even you 'enable' everything). Ready from 1024x550, to.. infinity and beyound.
  3. Mixxx features - Contains the lattest Mixxx features - But.. I´m sure that not all tasks arent done, so I´m always sharping the graphics, correcting issues, adding forgotten and/or new stuff, etc..
  4. Unique features - Contains unique and original features (I´ll try to add features not available anywhere else, but they must be functional too, of course) Like the analog VUs, the digital font, a grey only color scheme (A tribute to 1927´s Metropolis film), strobe lights, your own logos, etc, etc.. Our imagination versus the code will be the limit..

Xml Viewer


How-To: Install Dark Metak Skin?..

  1. Note: Don´t forget to backup any 'logo_x.svg' file(s).. IF you already have created any logo before.
  2. Note: Remove any older version of 'DarkMetal'. (Just delete the 'DarkMetal' folder.. IF you already have one)
  3. Download and unzip the 'DarkMetal.zip' archive. (~1.5Mb file size)
  4. Move the new folder (with all contents), to your Mixxx skins folder. (An path example in Windows OS: C:Program FilesMixxxskinsDarkMetal)
  5. Double click in the included 'digital.otf' to install that font.
  6. Start your Mixxx, then go to 'Options' --> 'Preferences' --> 'Interface' --> 'Skin' --> Select 'DarkMetal' option.
  7. Done!..

Xml File Example

How-To: Change between the three available type of 'strob lights'?.. (squared/rounded/line)

Xml File Converter

  1. Open the 'skin.xml' search and replace the variable 'strobtype'´s value by '1', '2' or '3'.
  2. Save the file. Reload the skin.. Done!..

How-To: Change between the three available spinning 'discs'?.. (bobine/cd/vinyl)

  1. Open the 'skin.xml' search and replace the variable 'spinnytype'´s value by '1', '2' or '3'.
  2. Save the file. Reload the skin.. Done!..

How-To: Select one from the many available color schemes?..

Xml File Format

  1. Start your Mixxx, then go to 'Options' > 'Preferences' > 'Interface' > 'Color scheme' > select a color from that list.
  2. Done!..

How-To: Create my own custom color scheme?..

  1. Open the 'skin.xml' file.
  2. Create a new group, play with and values (see the existent ones there as examples), save that file and reload the skin to test it (this is done by selecting the 'DarkMetal' skin again, from that dropdown menu). And.. If the result is great, don´t forget to share it with us!!
  3. Done!..

How-To: Create and display my own logo?..

  1. Open any 'logo_x.svg' file. These files are located at the 'graphics-logos' folder. (You may use INKSCAPE to open/edit or create a new logo file)
  2. Draw your own logo, or just type your texts there. (Texts must be converted to paths, before saving the file)
  3. Open the 'skin.xml' search and replace the variable 'mylogo'´s value by '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', etc, etc.. (Just set the variable to the number of the 'logo_x.svg' file that you intend to be displayed)
  4. Save all the files. Reload the skin.. Done!..

🔴The 'making of' Dark Metal skin..


  1. Notepad++ (My preferred to edit XML files): https://notepad-plus-plus.org ..OR.. The 'modernish' Atom: https://atom.io
  2. INKSCAPE (To draw the vectorial graphics): https://inkscape.org
  3. SVG Explorer Extension (Very handy and useful since it generates SVG thumbnails in the Windows´s explorer): https://svgextension.codeplex.com/releases/view/118790 ..OR.. For GNU/Linux users, one from these (choose only the ones with SVG support, of course): http://www.tuxarena.com/2011/02/top-5-i .. ntukubuntu

How To Create Xml File


  1. The included SVG files in this skin, not only are the screen displayed 'images', but they are the EDITABLE/WORKING files too, so they can be opened and customized by anyone else too. You just need to have INKSCAPE or similar.
  2. Avoid Corel Draw - Very powerfull and great software, but it adds extra proprietary metadata in the SVG files, what results in huge file sizes and it converts shadows into bitmaps. Besides all that, most of those files just can´t be parsed with Mixxx, or any other 'standard' opensource SVG parser.
  3. Always export SVG files (from INKSCAPE) with all texts converted to paths!
  4. Preparing graphics to handle all the possible color correctly (When system is processing colors, to generate a new color scheme, colors may blur borders (eg: Very visible at the buttons), this happens because that colors are overriding theirs (normally defined by 1px strokes) own limits, what makes the visuals very ugly and incorrect). To avoid this: A) Degradee the colors to 100% black (or white) just before it reaches your graphic maximum width or height, just 1px before, will be enought. B) Void set values. 0 (zero) should always be 'perfect'.
  5. Want to broadcast (for tests or to create your own radio)? Just go here: http://www.listen2myradio.com (Its the one that I use, fast to create an account, HQ audio stream, decent radio urls, allows 5000 listeners on the free plan, decent backoffice, decent in overall aspects). I´ve tried many many others.. Just wasting my time!.. Don´t waste yours.. (There could be much better audio streaming servers than this one, of course. But I havent found any until the moment, and I´m completly happy with this one.. at least, until now.. )

🔴Related URLs and infos..

  • Lattest compiled MIXXX releases: http://downloads.mixxx.org/builds/master/release
  • DARK METAL webpage (at MIXXX forums): http://www.mixxx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6052
  • This project at GITHUB: https://github.com/jorgerosa/Mixxx-DarkMetal-Skin
  • This project at SOURCEFORGE.NET: https://sourceforge.net/u/jorgerosa/profile
  • Developer: Jorge Rosa (Portugal - With love to ASCR)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Portfolio: http://sites.google.com/site/jorgerosaportfolio(Many more stuff there..)
  • LICENCE: Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0