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i have done a really fast mapping for the new Pioneer XDJ-RX2 and Djay Pro 1.4.4 on Mac OS High Sierra! So for the beginning there are only the basic features included like: Play, Cue, Seek Forward/Backward; Skip Forward/Backward (works not correctly); Jogs: Scratching (works not correctly) Pitch; Tempo and a Browsing feature. If you want to load a track, first press 1 or 2 (at LOAD section on the XDJ-RX2) to select the Deck and then load in the Track.
In the settings you have to set the Mixer Mode to Extern and Deck 1 to Ch 1-2/ Deck 2 to Ch 3-4, so you can simply use the Mixer from the XDJ-RX2.
If i have some time maybe i will update some features or in some time Djay Pro will support it natively. So for the Beginning (and for me) the features are enough!
Have Fun ;-)

Dec 12, 2017 DJ software maker Algoriddim is releasing djay Pro 2 for macOS today. It’s a major update to the company’s flagship app. It still features what made djay popular in the first place, such as. I usally use the Pioneer900s with DJay and it works great. But soon Im gonna play on the Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Algoriddims website says Djay pro2 supports it. Do I just plug in my mac in the midi connection? Can't find any info on this.

I've made a mapping Djay Pro to work with xdj rx. I've managed to mapp as much as i could, the only thing that i didn't manage to mapp was the jog led's and the level vu meters of the channels and the master level.I hope u like this mapping.. Enjoy!!!Sorry for my english!

1- Play/Pause

2- Cue

3- Skip 4 beat’s backward’s

How to cut music on garageband on ipad. 4- Skip 4 beat’s forward’s

5- Load previous track

6- Load next track

7- Reverse

8- Reset tempo

9- Loop in

10- Loop out

11- Reloop on/off

12- Loop half

13- Loop double

14- Fx1 enabled


15- Fx2 enabled

16- Fx1/Fx2 parameter adjust

Pioneer Xdj Rx2 Djay Pro 2 Spotify

17- Scratch mode on/off

18- Sync on/off

19- Master on/off

20- Tempo range

21- Key on/off

22- Tempo

23- Scratch

24- Pitch bend


25- Hot cue 1,2,3,4

A- Hot cue1 (28+A - Delete Hot cue1)

B- Hot cue2 (28+B - Delete Hot cue2)

C- Hot cue3 (28+C - Delete Hot cue3)

D- Hot cue4 (28+D - Delete Hot cue4)

28+25- Hot cue 5,6,7,8

A- Hot cue5 (28+A - Delete Hot cue5)

B- Hot cue6 (28+B - Delete Hot cue6)

C- Hot cue7 (28+C - Delete Hot cue7)

D- Hot cue8 (28+D - Delete Hot cue8)


26- Auto beat loop


A- Beat loop 1

B- Beat loop 2

C- Beat loop 4

D- Beat loop 8

28+A- Beat loop 1/16

28+B- Beat loop 1/8

28+C- Beat loop 1/4

28+D- Beat loop 1/2


28+26 Sampler

A- Play Sample 1

B- Play Sample 2

C- Play Sample 3

D- Play Sample 4

28+A- Play Sample 5

28+B- Play Sample 6


27- Fx

A- Absorb Fx

B- Drift Fx

C- Sway Fx

D- Crush Fx

28+A- Punch Fx

28+B- Twist Fx

28+C- Low-Pass

28+D- High-Pass

Djay Pro Xdj Rx2


28+27- Bounce loops

A- Bounce loop 1

B- Bounce loop 2

C- Bounce loop 4

D- Bounce loop 8

28+A- Bounce loop 1/16

28+B- Bounce loop 1/8

28+C- Bounce loop 1/4

28+D- Bounce loop 1/2


Pioneer Xdj-rx2 Djay Pro 2 Free


29- Music library select

30- Toggle sample

31- Automix on/off

Djay Pro 2 Windows

32- Library expand on/off

Pioneer Xdj-rx2 Djay Pro 2 0

33- Focus playlist

34- Rec on/off

35- Move up/down in library (focus tracks)

36- Load track left (Deck 1) and right (Deck 2)

37- Change video transition

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38- Master volume