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my 22vsl box also has the iPad support feature printed. I still love the unit but it would be killer if I could get away from using xDisplay for VSL. any news on iPad support for 22/44VSL?
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Subject:Re:iPad & 22VSL
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Hi there,
I have the same configuration and it seems that something is working pretty well with ipad and 22vsl, but on the other hand there are mysterious issues which I cannot explain.
So for example everything seems to work fine with recording (I've tested it with auria, garageband, studiotrack) - absolutly perfect in sound.
But as soon as I connect the ipad with the presonus 22VSL, all output sound has been stopped, no audio at the 22vsl, no audio with ipad himself.
Please, please correct this issue and let all people enjoying musik recording with this small and powerful AudioBoxVSL, iPad team
Subject:Re:iPad & 22VSL
Dennis Varillas
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which drivers do you have installed? it sounds like you are set up and running with UC/VSL for the audiobox 22.. i cant get it going at all with universal control.
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I've just got a PreSonus AudioBox iOne that I want to use to hook up my electric guitar to record on Garageband on my MacBook Pro.
The AudioBox is hooked up to the USB port. All lights are on.
In MacBook Preferences, the AudioBox is selected as the sound input and output device. When I strum my guitar, it registers audio levels.
In Garageband Preferences, the AudioBox is selected as the sound input and output device.
I hit record on Garageband. I can hear my guitar through the headphones hooked into the AudioBox.
Garageband doesn't seem to be getting any sound from the AudioBox, whether or not record is on. There is no response, no sound levels, either during recording or during playback.
The little slider on the 'Clean Combo' Guitar track is turned all the way to the right. I've tried pressing and undressing the mute/unmute button.
The little slider to the left of the metronome at the bottom of Garageband is all the way to the right.
Help! What am I missing?
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My sysyem consist if an iTwo with a Mac Pro. My setup for GarageBand is as follows:
1. While strumming the guitar I adjust the gain knob on the instrument input on the AudioBox until I
get green with no red.
2. In System Preferences, I have the iTwo AudioBox selected for Audio in and out.
3. In Garageband Audio Preferences, I have System settings for Audio in and out.
4. I Choose New Track from GarageBand Menu
5. I Choose Record Guitar or Bass Amp using Garageband as Amp
6. Select the Details button and choose the correct input channel (Input 2)
7. Adjust the audio levels on the track to desired levels.
8. Choose the track hit record.
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Your No. 4 is the key!
I took it to the guitar store and it took them an hour to figure it out.
The thing is, you'll never see that dialogue box if you use the 'guitar' track that GarageBand automatically creates when you create a new project. This is the trick: YOU HAVE TO CREATE A NEW TRACK in order to be able to select Channel 2.
Create the track, choose 'Electric Guitar,' then click the triangle next to 'Instrument Setup' then use the dropdown menu to choose mono Ch. 2.
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