Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live

I am completely sorry if i am asking a question that has already been answered, so forgive me for the ignorance.ive tried searching and found somethings related to my question but not the answer im looking for.
I'm a young dj and i currently run vdj with the stanton dascratch system (2 scs.3ds and 1 scs.3m).I guess i can say that i'm tired of it and since ive tried scratch live before, i would like to be able to use it. My friend has the sl1 box with turntables and im a huge fan of the ssl software. I would like to own a set up like that but i cant afford any of the rane hardware.
now, i was just wondering if the scs.3d has ever been fully mapped to ssl to control scratching on the touch platters?
is there any mapping for the scs.3m(mixer)?
is there any possible way to run the stanton system on ssl without any of the rane hardware and still be able to scratch too?
can the numark mixtrack or idj3 be fully mapped with scratch capability on ssl?the reason i ask is because im willing to buy a new controller just to run on ssl!thats how much i love using it!i always tag along with my friend to his gigs and use his set up when i get a chance!
if this is impossible, is it possible to have this in any future update of serato scratch live?
thank you all!
  1. Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download Free For Mac
  2. Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download Windows 10
  3. Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download
  4. Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Stream
  5. Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Free

DaScratch™, a.k.a. the SCS.3d, is the latest innovation in the Stanton SC System control surface line. Revolutionary and compact, this controller is a necessity for any digital DJ looking for ultimate control over their software of choice. DaScratch’s compact and sleek profile makes it a space-friendly addition to any existing DJ gear set-up or can stand on its own as a complete controller solution. What makes this guy different from your average controller?

Stanton Da Scratch SCS.3d TECH AN ABSOLUTE TOUCH! Stanton’s new touch-surface DJ controller lets virtual DJs get busy with their fi ngers 123 A touch-sensitive unit in the vein of the Korg Kaoss Pad, Stanton’s DaScratch Midi controller takes a totally fresh approach to controlling DJ software. Nov 16, 2011 get indepth with Stanton SC System 3 with Traktor LE. SCS.3d DaScratch®, a revolutionary and portable touch sensitive controller. Traktor Pro, Ableton Live, and Serato Scratch.

Stanton’s StanTouch™ technology allows you to use traditional DJ-style motions and gestures on a touch-pad style surface to take full control over music and software applications such as Traktor DJ Studio™, Traktor Scratch™, Ableton Live™, Serato Scratch Live™, or any other MIDI compatible software. Minimal moving parts ensure durability from gig to gig.

See Me, Feel Me - DaScratch's layout and portability provide DJs with an unmatched level of performance and control. The StanTouch™ interface can be used for scratching, scrubbing, and navigating through digital audio. The tactile buttons, triggers, and virtual faders can also control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mappable functions. Multiple finger touches can even prompt quick kills on EQ's or transform effects on volume.

Hook Me Up - Magnect™ connection system allows multiple DaScratch units to securely snap together, creating a larger control surface with increased performance options.

Teach Me - DaRouter™ software gives DaScratch a little brain of its own, allowing customized support for a variety of applications. DaRouter runs on Mac / PC and will automatically load presets that are tailored towards the application the SCS.3d is controlling. A generic preset is also provided for mapping to any application that supports MIDI learn. Learn more.

Connect Me - USB connection for easy plug and play connection to your software. Class compliant with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX to ensure that drivers are never needed. Bus powered by design to ensure that no external power or batteries need to be used.

DaScratch’s center section operates mainly in 3 different modes – Slider, Circle, and Button mode. These 3 different control layouts can be evoked by any of the mode buttons depending on how the DaRouter preset is programmed.

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download Free For Mac

Slider Mode - Slider mode gives the user 3 variable controls (like faders) that can be used by sliding your finger up and down the areas next to the 3 LED meter bars. This mode can be used for controlling many parameters at once, like an EQ. A slider may be changed by dragging a finger across the surface, or you can place your finger in an absolute position on the slider and its position will jump immediately to that point. Two fingers may be used to trigger from one position to the next. For instance, holding one finger on the bottom of the slider and tapping the top with a second finger will make the slider generate the higher value for as long as that finger remains on the surface. Once the second (upper) finger is removed, the slider will generate the value indicated by the first finger position. We refer to this as a “finger jump”.

Circle Mode - In Circle mode, there is one slider at the center of the circle, and circular slider going around the perimeter of the touch surface. Just like in Slider mode, finger jumps are possible can be performed to quickly change the parameter in real time. This is the mode most likely to be used to emulate the platter of a deck. Circle mode is also the default mode of DaScratch. That is to say that if you plug DaScratch into your computer without using the DaRouter software, it will operate in Circle mode. But keep in mind that without DaRouter, the Mode Selector buttons (VINYL, LOOP, etc) will only send note data and will not change the operation of DaScratch.

Button Mode - In Button mode, the zones highlighted in the diagram will act as triggers to control buttons in the target application. For example, these functions could be assigned to alter loop lengths, jump to cue points, or start clips playing. Multiple buttons may be pressed at the same time in Button mode. Also, you will find some presets use a modified version of Button mode that makes the trigger areas bigger by combining 2 or more button zones.

StanTouch™ - In every mode of operation, you’ll find that the touch sensitive areas on DaScratch will respond to multiple simultaneous touches. This is part of its core functionality, and indeed many cool behaviors and gestures can be developed around this capability.

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Stanton DaScratch Performance Control Surface Specifications:

Check back often to download the most recent version. One of the big news is, that it does not need X11 anymore.The current stable branch of Wine. Download wine for mac 10. 4. 11.

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live
  • Dimensions: 6.9'W x 10.4' x 2.7'D
  • Weight: 2.64 lb.

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download Windows 10

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Download

Stanton DaScratch Performance Control Surface Features:

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Stream

  • Virtual Gain and Pitch faders with 9 segment LEDs that provide instant visual feedback
  • 6 mode switch buttons - FX, EQ, Loop, Trig, Vinyl, Deck
  • 4 touch-sensitive trigger buttons
  • StanTouch Control Area: touch-sensitive control area can be configured to emulate faders, buttons, or jogwheel
  • StanTouch has 3 seven-segment LED strips and 16 LED ring around it for for feedback
  • StanTouch works in 3 operational modes - Slider, Circle, and Button
  • 4 transport buttons - Play, Cue, Sync, Tap
  • DaRouter software which runs on Mac/PC automatically load presets
  • USB connection
  • Magnect connection system for using multiple units together

Stanton Scs- 3d Dascratch Serato Scratch Live Free