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Scratch Live
Developer(s)Serato Audio Research
Stable release
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X
TypeVinyl emulation software
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Scratch Live is a vinyl emulation software application created by New Zealand based Serato Audio Research, distributed by and licensed exclusively to Rane Corporation. Serato was first known for its Pro Tools plug-in, Pitch N Time, which was sold predominantly to the film industry.[1]

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Scratch Live allows manipulation and playback of digital audio files using traditional vinyl turntables or CD players via special timecode vinyl records or CDs.

6 RAN SL1 FOR SERATO SCRATCH LIVE. OPERATOR’S MANUAL 2.4.3 Installing Scratch Live Mac 1. Insert the Software Installation CD-ROM and double-click the installer icon. Or Launch the installer you just downloaded from Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is complete, Scratch Live will appear in your. Rane/Serato gave up on the SL1 some time ago. Unfortunately, Catalina was a bit of a curveball for serato team so I doubt scratch live will function at all. I'd say dust off one of the old comp and use it exclusively for Scratch Live. Otherwise looks like theres a work around that could potentially do it. Rane Control Panel for Windows 7-SP1 and higher (including the ASIO/MIDI driver). Rane DJ Product Comparison. MacOS Sierra Compatibility. SL 4 CoreAudio Driver for Mac OS X 10.11.4 and higher. Serato DJ Software. SL4 Owners Manual for Scratch Live 2.5.0. Serato Scratch. Sep 01, 2018  Be the scratch live sl1 the write a review. Tried a lot, nothing worked. Send to scratcg friend. Updating BIOS seems to be the most commonly cited scratch live sl1, but it hasn’t worked for me. Rane Serato Scratch Live SL1. Please note that non-mainland deliveries may sk1 up to 5 days to zl1 delivered and up to scratch live sl1 days in Europe.

The product is discontinued and has been replaced by Serato DJ.


In 2008, Serato released the first major plugin for Scratch Live, Video-SL. It allows the playback of video files in similar fashion to audio files. Users can apply effects in real time and mix between video independently of audio.

Open GarageBand and select “Voice” as your project type2. Create a new track and select “input 1 & 2” as your input. /garageband-for-mac-importing-mp3.html.

A demo copy can be installed and used but a watermark is displayed on the main output screen. Activation is done via a serial number.

Video-SL was later replaced by a new designed video plugin called 'Serato Video'.

Used rane serato scratch live sl1 dj software download

Custom hardware[edit]

Scratch Live currently works in conjunction with five application specific audio devices designed and manufactured for the system by Mukilteo, Washington-based Rane Corporation.


The latest audio interface is the SL4. It is the first standalone DJ interface with two USB 2.0 ports for seamless DJ changeover and back-to-back performances. It also has 96 kHz, 24-bit audio. The SL4 has built in galvanic isolation between USB and audio, with turn on/off muting. The unit also includes Low-latency ASIO and Core Audio drivers which allow the SL4 to be used as a studio production tool with third-party software applications.

Rane scratch live sl1 installer


The SL3 is another audio interface for Scratch Live. Features include a USB 2.0 interface, improved dynamic range (120 dB), improved audio performance (24 bit converters) and additional audio channels with AUX input and output. Like the SL2 it also has 48.0 kHz, 24-bit audio. The extra channel allows the DJ to record his/her music set, use a sampler while performing or connect a third player for three deck mixing.


The SL2 is the audio interface set to replace the older SL1 interface.[2] The unit has 2 inputs which can be used both as phono or line input, but unlike the old SL1 interface it doesn't have a microphone input and it has only 2 line outputs and no 'thru' outputs. It also features improvements to the sound quality. Whereas the SL1 interface had 16-bit 44.1 kHz audio, the SL2 now has 24-bit 48khZ audio with USB2.0 and Core Audio/ASIO support.[3]


The SL1 is a multi-channel, USB 1.1 external soundcard. The unit has inputs for two stereo turntables or CD players and one unbalanced microphone. There are two stereo line level outputs and two 'thru' outputs which provide a copy of the input signal to enable playback of regular vinyl records or CDs. ASIO drivers are available for the unit to allow it to be used by other Windows applications as a multi channel sound interface. There are no Core Audio drivers for Macintosh-based computers. The SL1 interface is no longer in production, but is still supported.[4]


A 19' rack mount DJ mixer based on the MP2, incorporating the sound card functions of the SL1. The MP4 allows you to record your set digitally within the Scratch Live software over the USB interface. The mixer is recognized by Windows as a 4x output 2x input soundcard so it can be used with any windows application. Also provided are ASIO and Core Audio drivers for use in audio applications on both Windows XP and Mac OS X.

TTM 57SL[edit]

Rane Serato Scratch Live For Mac

A DJ mixer combining the functionality of the SL1 with an application specific control surface based on the popular TTM56 scratch mixer. It also contains added effects not available with the TTM56 or bare SL1 set-ups.

Rane Serato Scratch Live Video


Announced at NAMM 2010, the Sixty-Eight is a 4 channel club style mixer with 2 separate USB inputs. Via ScratchLive 2.0 it adds support for up 4 real or virtual deck combinations.

Serato Sample - Key FeaturesUnrivalled time-stretching powered by Pitch ’n TimeTime-stretch samples to extreme values using the power of Serato Pitch ’n Time. Como instalar serum en mac.

Serato Live Scratch Download

Supported third party accessories[edit]

Serato Sl1 Download

Serato have begun working in supporting third party players/controllers with the Scratch Live software. These controllers are 'natively' supported and do not require the use of the timecode CDs, all playback and control information is sent over USB. The following are the currently supported native controllers:

  • Denon DN-HC1000S
  • Denon DN-HC4500
  • Novation Dicer (versions 2.1 and above)
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000 (versions 2.1 and above)
  • Pioneer CDJ-900 (versions 2.1 and above)
  • Pioneer CDJ-850
  • Pioneer CDJ-400
  • Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Pioneer MEP-7000
  • Vestax VFX-1


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If the program is installed, the driver is on your computer. If you don't see the two virtual decks you made need to manually install the driver. Before doing so we always recommend you turn off the User Account Controls. Here is an article on how to do that -->
Then try to manually install the driver -
Connect the box to the computer
Local Disk C:
Program Files (If using 32bit OS)
Program Files x86 (If using 64bit OS)
Driver_updater32 - Double click this, try on all available ports. (If using 32bit OS)
Driver_updater64 - Double click this, try on all available ports. (If using 64bit OS)
If no luck there, try this -
Start (lower left hand corner of desktop)
right click on 'Computer'
Device Manager
Universal Serial Bus Controllers
You should see 'Rane Sl-1 or Rane Serato Sl-3' right click that.
(Sometimes you will see 'unknown device'. You can determine if that is the Scratch Live unit by unpluggin the unit and seeing if the 'unknown device' disappears from the window)
Choose 'Uninstall' BUT you also need to put a check mark in the empty box that says 'delete the driver software for this device'
Then click OK.
Unplug the Scratch Live hardware, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. Go through the regular method to manually install the driver and BINGO.
If none of the above steps work, what kind of processor is in the machine?