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Dwight A. Walker

Everything was working great, faders are perfect

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Out of the box it looks impressive. I opened the box, took it out, hooked it up didn't work. Half the board was lit and the other half was dark, until I tapped it a couple times on the bottom of the unit. It sprung to life after the taps so I began to use it. Everything was working great, faders are perfect, the effects are nice, and overall it was doing good. Then the screen starts to get dark and hard to read. WTF! If the manufacturing was solid this would be the best Mixer in its category, hands down! But with all the glitches, it isn't good strong enough to be a road mixer or club mixer. Its a solid house mixer if you don't move it around. Be very careful, very sensitive but awesome if it was build better!


Not Happy

Owned this mixer for 15 months, kept it clean, covered and in a hard flight case for protection. It had tons of features, did a lot of what i wanted it to do, and surpassed expectations for 15 months. Then it dropped the bomb. Now it is haunted. Every button will light up randomly, and then sometimes it will go full volume (ALLLllll the wayy turnt up!) and almost blow my speakers. I then bought a Pioneer DJM700k, it had barely any features in comparison, but I run serato, so a lot could be done in scratch live. The sound on the pioneer is a lot crisper. And it lasted me 3 years since. I am now on the Rane Sixty two because the things is NASTY!. big win with Rane on that mixer. I would recommend no one buys this mixer, I may have gotten a dud.. but the fact it took 15 months for it to break (3 month after warrantee was up.) I was left with just a paper weight. Save your money, buy a better mixer. There is a reason why this is soooooo cheap. Although if your new, have no money, and a betting man. jump on it, but buyer beware.

Benjamin Camp

Not really made for travel, but Awesome for the price

I have plenty of friends that consider them selves DJs and whatnot so I've had my turn at some very nice and expensive equipment. That being considered--- Its not built for travel (buy a carry case), but if you're not planning to play many venues this is a very very nice piece of equipment for the price

Lt. Wharf

Great mixer, awesome price

Behringer is a much-maligned brand in the DJ scene, but the planets have aligned to produce this delightful mixer that packs some impressive features in a tidy package at an unbelievable price. Thanks primarily to its digital circuitry, Behringer was able to equip this unit with a two-bank sampler, two assignable effects units (phaser, flanger, filters, echo, reverb, pitch, bitcrusher), MIDI control capabilities, and a slew of input and output routing options in a lightweight and inexpensive package. The buttons feel crisp and sure to the touch, knobs are large and firm, and the faders have a good throw to them. My only complaint is that this mixer may be *too capable* for the typical DJ. Every available surface contains a switch, display, or rotary dial, and even the sizable LCD is cluttered with dubiously-useful information at all times. It's intimidating at first, and irritating even once you know what every control is used for (80% of which you'll have no use for most of the time). As any UI/UX guru would know, simplicity of design has utility in itself- a cleaner look at the expense of a few features would have been preferred. Regardless of my complaints, this is a great unit to upgrade to once you've gotten your feet wet with the most basic of 2-channel DJ mixers. It leaves plenty of room to grow as a performer, and I suspect that it's good enough that I won't ever justify the expensive of a 'professional' unit for myself.

Behringer Ddm4000 Controlling Serato Scratch Live Download


Nice mixer, excellent sound and plenty of features

I'm very pleased with my purchase, the mixer is well made, sturdy finish, excellent sound and plenty of features for the price, i think it was the best choise i've made comparing it to mixers that are at least twice the price i've paid and that doesn't have all the features available, i'm glad that all the reviews i've read were worthy to take the final decision, by the way i'm not rating it five stars cuase i have to adjust the screen contrast (in the first start the constrast was at maximu and was difficult to read) looking in youtube how to adjust it, the instructions are not as clear as i would like, but it was fine, adjusted it and everything was ok! the way the one i have received doesn't have the bright leds so its was really nice that Behringer has changed them!!!

Desmond Walker

this Mixer is crazy for the Price.

I've been doing studio work for several years now and I was scared to buy this mixer, because of the name Behringer. I checked it out at Sam Ash and guitar center for several weeks, and I was still hesitant. On microphone input it has 3 band EQs, compressors/limiter Noise gate, Talk on (Music ducking) reverb, Pitch, Echo and a list that runs a mile long. The line input has beat counter that syncs to the build in effects echo, reverb, Pitch, This is great for reggae and club music. Some of the other features are the 32 Second Sampler, Crossover, sub- output, and enhancer, S/PDIF, MIDI in and out and it comes with rack ears. This mixer should cost thousands of dollars for what it can do. I'm currently trying to set up the Midi control commands for Serato and apple Logic pro. I used to be scared of Behringer, but after seeing this mixer, I'm checking out all their products with a different view.

Cannonball Franzen

nice mixer. lots of features. But confusing, overcomplicated layout, and small ring comes through my speakers

It's a good mixer, If I had to go back though, I wouldn't buy it again. The FX are great, especially since you can apply them to two different channels, however there not as deep and rich as my old Newmark dxm09. They just sounded better on the old mixer. Nice to have 4 channels though, so I can slap on extra hardware or plug a friend in. Loop bank is interesting and I will have to play with it more. Sound quality okay. layout is a little crazy and everything has a button, and I mean everything! So great if you like options, but this is too many if you ask me and I think it could have been simplified. Otherwise a nice dependable mixer. I have had it for a few months now and will keep you posted. No problems thus far other than a faint high itch coming from my speakers when no music is playing. Will have to look into this and see if it is a result of the mixer or other hardware, but seems to come from the line output from the mixer.

Serato Scratch Live Latest Version

Casey Holmes

Mixlab 4 beta works. /virtual-dj-skins-free-download-mix-lab.html. 3.1 does not.

Awesome first mixer!

I'm a pretty tech savy guy and this is my first mixer. I am using this mixer for techno, house and electro style dance music as well as goofing around recording sounds etc. It has taught me a lot about the world of being a DJ! I walked right up to it and knew what everything did right away. If I didn't know what it did I pressed it and found out no problems. It's easy to set up too. When I power it on it takes me about 1 minute to have everything set up how I like it, ready to perform. This is really just to dial in the effects I like and have them ready to go. The crossfader is like silk. All the faders are for each channel also. Being my first mixer I don't see any reason to upgrade the crossfader yet. Very smooth. I wasn't expecting them to be that smooth but they are! The addition of the sampler was awesome! I love it! Easy to use and has two banks! Very useful for live remixing! All the cuts and EQ's are excellent! The crossfader adjustability is plenty more than I will be needing for years to come! This mixer makes all my music sound beautiful out of my amp and I'll never be able to play music any other way while being satisfied again! I bought a few cables and a recorder and I can record and split sounds endlessly now from anything with inputs or outputs. Too much fun! The midi controller will be next! I was skeptical spending $400 + (now shown for less her on amazon) on my first mixer but it was the best decision I could have ever made! Get you this Behringer DDM4000 and don't look back! You will be satisfied. =)

Hilton N. Dominguez

just got it today learning curve but good

i have numark mixer n berringer djx 700..i don't know why but this mixer is supp to be great i must be doing things wrong but it seems that i had better sound quality with the older model..lots of cool features but i'm highly disappointed w its sound quality..not sure if is my connection or my speakers but feels like older model sounded better..i have sony sorround 2 speakers w a subw connected..1000 watts..i'm sure once i buy nice speakers i'll be able to experience better sound..however if i buy speakers anytime soon i think my fiance is going to divorce

Behringer Ddm4000 Controlling Serato Scratch Live


Great mixer, not Scratch certified like Native Instruments says

I bought this mixer SPECIFICALLY to use with Native Instruments Traktor Scratch. What a joke for that it was! You CAN use it as a midi controller in Traktor, which is not the way to go if your goal is to use Scratch. I didn't want a midi controller, I already had one. I wanted to hook up my turntables to this as the mixer, then hook this up to Traktor and use it for mixing and scratching. So, in addition to this I had to buy a separate external soundcard and monitor speakers. NOW I can use it the way I intended. This mixer is great as a stand alone! So, if you are still using vinyl or a cd setup it does a good job. That being said there are MUCH better made mixers on the market, but not in this price range. Again, for the price this is a great mid level mixer. And its not Behringer's fault for being labeled Traktor certified, I put Native Instruments to blame on that one.