Vestax Vci 400 Djay Pro

Feb 12, 2018 Video Custom Vestax VCI-400. The Vestax VCI-400 Digital DJ controller is extremely versatile as it can work with both the full Serato DJ software and Traktor Pro 2 with great results. The Vestax VCI-400 has a familiar layout to the popular VCI-380 but with the addition of 2 more channels for 4-deck mixing and dedicated FX controls. The VCI-400 has 2 switchable line/phono inputs, 2 MIC inputs, balanced outputs as well as control for looping, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and platters with adjustable tension.


The Vestax VCI-400 controller is on show at Musikmesse 2013 in three new editions, with faceplates and mappings for Traktor (VCI-400TKT), Deckadance (VCI-400DK) and djay (VCI-400djay). The new editions match the Serato DJ Edition (VCI-400DJ) that was previously announced at the NAMM Show, and brings the total number of variants of this controller to five (or six if you include the DJTechTools version).

Mostly this move makes sense: When Vestax launched the VCI-400, it was marketed as a controller that will work with any software (as indeed, theoretically most DJ controllers can), but in practice, mappings can be confusing, especially for beginners. To have a new controller come pre-mapped and ready to roll with your software of choice will appeal to many users.

We think the VCI-400TKT will be the most popular of these due of course to the majority of our readers being Traktor users, but keep an eye on Deckadance; Deckadance 2 is a good product with some innovative features that ought to benefit for the plethora of controls offered by the VCI-400 over most controllers. The only version that had us scratching our heads was the Algoriddim djay one; this software is only two decks, so you’ll only ever be able to use two of the controller’s four channels digitally using djay. Vestax says the other two channels could be used for CD decks or something similar, but it’s still not an obvious fit.

No firm word on price and availability of these new models, and Vestax says the design of the faceplates is subject to change between now and reaching production.

• All the Vestax news from Musikmesse is in this video.

Do any of these new models appeal to you? Do you think it’s a smart move from Vestax to launch “software specific” versions of the VCI-400? Would you like to see these faceplates on sale separately so you can customise your VCI-400? Please share your comments below!

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The VCI-400 mapping for Mixxx is based on the Serato Limited Edition overlay.

For regular use, make sure the “mixer select” switches are all the way to the left. If you move them to the right, the Play / Cue buttons will be used to select vinyl control modes instead.

Most of the functions are exactly as they appear on the overlay, and the overlay is very nicely labeled so that's the best place to start.

The four small buttons below the grouping of 8 buttons selects which mode the 8 buttons are in, either Hot Cues, Loops, Rolls, or Samples. Mixxx remembers which mode is selected on a per-deck basis, so when you toggle the deck-selection switches the mode may change. The button corresponding to the current mode will be lit so you know what mode you're in.

Button Modes:

  • In Hot Cue mode, the 8 buttons will move Mixxx to the designated hotcue. If you hold the shift button, the hotcue will be cleared.
  • In Loop mode, the 8 buttons will create a new loop at the current position from size 32nd note to 16 beats.
  • In Roll mode, holding any of the buttons will temporarily create a loop anywhere from 32nd note to 16 beats.
  • In Sampler mode, both sides of the controller launch the same set of 8 samplers. Holding shift will eject a sample.

Some of the buttons have special functions in Mixxx:

  1. The Vinyl / Slip button. While pushed, the jog wheel is in scratching mode (similar to if you push down on the platter). If you hold this button while spinning the jog wheel, you can let go of the wheel and Mixxx will still be in scratch mode. Great for backspins.
  2. The Param knob can be used to adjust the musical key of the current track. Twist to make the tone higher or lower. If you hold the shift button (3), use this knob to scroll quickly through the track. Pushing this knob will reset the key.
  3. Auto Loop knob. Twisting this will change the size of the current loop, either doubling or halving the size. If you hold shift (3), twisting this knob will move the loop left or right by 1 beat per click. Pushing this knob will enable or disable looping.
  4. The Master FX button enables the 1st FX bank to be applied to the master output.
  5. The FX Mode button toggles which effect is in the first FX bank.
  6. Controls FX1 Parameter 2
  7. Controls FX1 Dry / Wet
  8. Enable/Disable Keylock

Vestax Vci-300 Dj Controller

The four small buttons in the center, Area, Panel, Back, and Prepare, don't do anything. Neither does the sampler volume slider.

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Some additional functions are accessible with the shift button:

Vestax Vci 400 Djay Pro

Vestax Vci 400 Djay Pro Download

  • Shift + Play while the deck is playing does a breaking stop.