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Wake on LAN, or WOL, is the ability to send a signal over a local area network (LAN) to wake up a PC. For example, you may have a powered off PC at home. Yet, while at work you may want to access it. Using Wake on LAN you will be able to power up the PC. LAN & WAN How To How To: Wake on LAN / Wake on WAN. Details Published: Tuesday, 24 April 2007 03:05. Step 6 - Configure port forwarding. Configuring port forwarding on your router is a required change; WOL won't work without it. WOL uses UDP as its Layer 4 transport, but the port varies based on the utility. The areas titled MAC ADDRESS. I searched for the last few hours for 'R7000 port forwarding not working' on google, and there seem to be quite a few issues with this router, but none seems to relate to my specific problem. I want to forward port 9 for wake-on-lan so I can turn on my PC from anywhere and TeamView in it. Mar 19, 2020  TeamViewer can utilize Wake-on-LAN in two ways. One is via the network's public IP address and the other is through another TeamViewer account on the same network (assuming this other computer is on). This lets you wake the computer without having to configure router ports (there's more on that below) since the other local computer that has TeamViewer installed can relay the WoL. Dynamic DNS for TeamViewer Wake on Lan. It is possible to have WOL port-forwarded directly form internet into your LAN but some firmware won't allow you to forward to the broadcast address so you need to 'spoof' a new broadcast address by mapping that magic MAC address (FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) to a different IP and forwarding to that.

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I'm trying to configure TeamViewer to use Wake on LAN to a computer in another location so that I can wake it up whenever I need it and carry on with some installations and file access through it's remote access.
The BIOS was already configured for WOL and I've already configured the network settings on Windows 10 as per the information supplied on TeamViewers website. The biggest problem is setting up the public address. I thought I had it correct by setting up the port forwarding on the Virgin Media Superhub. So my understanding is that I've added a new rule which is the computers IP address with port 9 as they suggested. I then registered under noip.com to link them together but the site seems to suggest that the ports are still blocked?
I've heard that Virgin Media's Superhub's aren't very good for this sort of thing? I'm not sure what else would be missing or if I even need to use noip as a passthrough, I heard that was the easiest way around it.

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    You can't port forward port 9 to the IP address of your PC as the IP address is set in the OS and your PC doesn't know its IP is when its sleeping. So instead you need to multicast the WoL request to your internal network as detailed in the TeamViewer manual. The good news is that the Virgin SuperHub supports mutlicasting but its not enabled by default, you have to enable it in the firewall settings to support PPTP and MutliCast pass through.
    Personally I have a server on 24x7 in my home network so I remote onto its desktop and use that for WoL requests and that is pretty reliable.