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Name: EchoDoppler
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Echo effect with morphed depth.

Virtual Dj 8 Effects Download


Dj Echo Music

_ Dry/wet slider, allowing for full dry (no feedback) and full wet (pure feedback)
_ Morhped depth, for extreme live delay shaping, swinging from a few milliseconds (flanging effect) to 1 second delay
Echo_ Feedback control, up to 100% feedback (for pure feedback looping effect), with a limiter to avoid signal saturation
_ Feedback high-pass filter, to reduce dry signal compression and get a lighter echo effect
_ Beat and half beat delay presets
_ Additive and subtractive feedback, especially useful for flanging effects

Virtual Dj Mac

_ Support for 'ping-pong' effect for deeply wide stereo signalsVirtual Dj Echo Effect Mac

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