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I'm using a djay 2 app for my iPad. But for some reason it doesn't connect me to Spotify. I tried reinstalling djay 2, logging out of all devices, but nothing worked. I'm very sad to see that such a powerful integration isn't available for me. When I try to connect the djay 2 app redirects me. May 22, 2014 First Impressions / Setting up. For those of you not familiar with djay (you can read our full djay 2 review here, by the way), it is a beautiful-looking DJ solution for iPad and iPhone, that despite appearing nice and simple (in the “traditional” view, nothing much more on first glance than two strikingly realistic turntables and a mixer), actually packs a lot of power. May 22, 2014  Now that djay 2 integrates with Spotify, it’s important to note that while you can use Spotify for free, you will need a Premium subscription to access Spotify in djay 2. Fortunately, djay 2.

/virtual-dj-exe-file-download-for-pc.html. We are excited to announce our partnership with Spotify and a major update to djay for iPad and iPhone. With this latest release of djay 2.5 – a free update for all existing users of djay 2 – you can now mix over 20 million songs from Spotify on your iPad and iPhone.

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djay 2.5 also introduces Match, a revolutionary tool for DJs powered by The Echo Nest that recommends tracks that go well with what you are currently playing and helps you find the perfect next song.

Djay 2 Iphone Spotify Update

Or want to lean back with a perfect music mix at your next party? The all-new Automix Radio in djay 2.5 automatically picks songs from Spotify that go well with each other and mixes them for you. Step away and enjoy live DJ mixes based on your personal musical taste, all with the simple tap of a button.

Note: Spotify access in djay requires a Spotify Premium account. A free 7 day trial of Spotify Premium is available to all users of djay 2.

Moreover, this major update brings you a variety of new features and improvements including an all-new audio FX section, over 30 new desktop-class audio effects powered by Sugar Bytes and available via In-App Purchase, plus an amazing free sample pack by House DJ veterans Milk & Sugar.

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Learn more about djay 2 with Spotify, or get it now on the App Store for iPad and iPhone.